Bewildering PR guff of the week: B&Q vs Louie Spence

B&Q have gone for some celebrity-flavoured zing to help launch their range of Christmas lights and OF COURSE they’ve recruited professional z-lister Louie Spence.

While twatting about in one of their stores, Louis ‘said’: “Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year...I love a bit of sexy Christmas dressage. Ooooh, that was a mouthful.”



Obviously, the connection between Louie and doing it yourself is that the man is a complete wanker.


  • SJT
    As if one was needed, another reason not to shop at B&Q this Christmas.
  • John S.
    Shanks here. I have no idea who the devil Louie Spence is but I am guessing from those pictures that he is something of an uphill gardener? Perhaps that is the link between him and B&Q? It is those fellows in the orange hats that I feel sorry for - imagine going into work in the morning only to find out that you have to participate in that display. Although the one on the right seems to be getting stuck in. This country.
  • Louis S.
    This picture is b-rilliant! [IMG][/IMG]
  • Marky M.
    @ Louis Spence Why are they wearing clogs?
  • Dick
    They aren't clogs, they are work boots. Hopefully they gave him a good kicking afterwards. Although he would have probably enjoyed it.
  • Rich
    Why isn't he sat on top of the tree?
  • Dick
    @ John, they aren't real B&Q employees. Real B&Q employees are either hung over 17 years olds or OAPs, and they all need a big badge with their name on in case they forget it.
  • Dick l.
    Dick "head" - once I hit 50 in a good few years im hanging up my suit and off to work in B&Q - just 9 more years - thank fuck I payed my mortage off 5 years ago. - somthing I doubt an arrogant twat like you will do until your 60's Like me there are a lot of proffesional people who have the same idea cant fucking stand golf -gardening bores me shitless - you need to wake up sunshine - stop dising the kids serving you - trying to pay there way through uni college get a little cash at least they are working - whats makes you so fucking special you sad little bulb.
  • Dick
    I paid my mortgage off at 35.

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