Bah Humbug. Christmas is no fun anymore…

presents treeDo you remember the fun, excitement and anticipation of Christmas when you were a child?* Seems youngsters today don’t bother with the whole surprise element of presents, so much so in fact, that you may as well not bother wrapping the darned things. New research by shows that almost seven out of every 10 children will get no surprise presents this Christmas, and that’s just the way they like it.

Sixty-nine percent of children aged between six and 17 write down everything they’d love Santa to bring them and their parents then share the list with grandparents and other members of the family via email or text. But don’t blame the youth of today- blame the parents, as 65% of adults are the ones encouraging the list making.

The most popular reason given for Christmas wish-lists among adults was that they don’t want people to waste money by buying them something they won’t use or enjoy, with 68% mentioning that useless relative who always buys them something that they will never use. A massive 71% of adults said they also try to make sure they get exactly what they want for Christmas by writing their very own letter to Santa, or online wishlist, to try and not be one of the 33% of respondents who have at least one present that won’t even make it out of its box.

Displaying traditional human idiocy, more than half of those surveyed admitted they still miss the surprise and excitement of getting unexpected presents at Christmas, but 41% of adults also said they’d still rather get what they wanted than a  (potentially not-very-nice) surprise on Christmas morning. Make your blimming minds up people.

Three-quarters of those surveyed admitted they would like to see more of that old Christmas spirit displayed during the festive season. They were probably thinking of the Scotch…

*Don’t even get me started on children today with their Lego advent calendars. They’ll never know the joy of getting up early and rushing downstairs to open that tiny door and find a picture of a bell.

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