Ask The Readers: Your Favorite Gifts This Year, And How Much Spent?

Ok guys, let's hear it.  What are your favorite finds under the tree this year?  Was it a Samsung F210 mobile or a box of Thorton milk chocolates, giving away that your family/friends were also secretly reading HUKD and Bitterwallet?  

And how much have you spent/saved this Christmas?  Post in the comments below.  The winners will be crowned with a Bitterwallet 2008 biggest spender/ saver award - something to frame on the wall for 09 :)  

As the post xmas sales ease, we will also be asking you for your favourite tips and tricks you used this holiday to keep your stress levels low and your money in your pockets.  The best tips from you will also be featured in an upcoming post.  So keep your eyes peeled!


  • Jonny
    Best christam was my wife wrapped up in some lovley underwear mmmmmmmm lovley time unwrapping best pressy yet xxxxx
  • Andy B.
    errr ages ago on HUKD there was a link to get a free 'a very long engagement' dvd. mine arrived in the post a year or so ago, and i wrapped it up and gave it to my mum for christmas this year. she loved it. definitely going to hell.
  • andy y.
    Large bars of Cadbury Dairy Milk.Never a disappointment to give or receive. You can eat now or keep for consumption/trade when society crumbles.
  • Jordan
    I was lucky enough to get a Vaio VGN-NS10L laptop - Great gift. Thanks to my GF :D
  • Jordan
    Oh. It was £450 as your asking !
  • gidz
    microwarehouse are doing it for £415, hope she didnt get ripped off...
  • johno
    I have bought only sweets for my loved ones. But just before Christmas I coulndt resist anymore and bought myself a Asus HD4870 video card, knowing extremely damn well I cant afford it. Pretty soon it will have to go back to Ebuyer for a full refund (bless them). It was 180£, it plays GTA4 like a dream! So in a grim conclusion: sweets for family and 2 weeks of gaming heaven for me.
  • johno
    looking at the posts above i couldnt stop laughing at the thought we will have chocolate as coin in a future post-apocalyptic society
  • Mike H.
    All i got was socks. Humbug.
  • Darren
    I got some Bose speakers (£275) Jamie Oliver Ministry of Food (£10 Amazon) Iron Man on Blu-ray (£17.99 Play) Great Presents... I just hate when Christmas is over... As a bonus though I got three free games with my Bose speakers as well as one of the Bose Demo DVD's.... Brucey Bonus!!
  • ad
    a brand new simpson motorbike helmet , retails around the 400 squid , i paid 160 misses= laptop £400 kid 1= car £1000 kid 2= laptop £400 kid 3= dareway plus other stuff £250 kid 4=laptop £375 everyone else another few hundred quid , dont worry about the credit crunch , im making up for it

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