Ask the Readers: Post-Holiday Shopping Tips, Anyone?

With last minute gift wrapping now behind us for 2008, what are your best tips and tricks this holiday season, and what would you do differently next year?

My biggest lesson this year: remember to buy a Christmas tree earlier next year!  I pretty much missed the boat of all the hot deals.  The biggest achievement this year: spending less than £30 in gift by setting gift limits, and doing our supermarket shopping sooner than later when the shops got a bit empty.

What about you? Share any tips and ticks you got to help other Bitterwalleters from having to drown their sorrows in 2009 with stale milk and rotten eggs.


  • magicbeans
    book a xmas delivery slot for ur groceries weeks in advance as they are hardly availablearound xmas. just make sure u do rmbr to change it nearer the time to what u need (as opposed to what i did once and put 7 nappy wrappers down - to reserve a slot- and forget all about it!!)
  • Darren
    My best tip is to enjoy Christmas, know your limits and do all your shopping online, sign up to some newsletters such as / HMV's and amazons, as well as a few sporting ones such as rugbystore etc.... they give you great offers...Play did the special deal once a day and HMV do things like a top Blu ray film for £9.99 for 1 week at a time...
  • scabbers
    I'm going to do all my non-close family shopping in Lush and Thortons and get it all wrapped too!
  • ad
    top tip ? buy your stuff in january ( sales )on a zero % credit card such as virgin then pay it back over the year through a standing order ( miss a payment and pay interest you see ) , choise an amount per-person and make a list of names , stick to that list like glue , dont buy bloody awfull tacky piles of plastic crap , kids dont want stocking fillers adults do so buy just a couple of prezzies for the little cherubs but good un`s , if they dont appriciate it buy the bastards clothes next year so no kid on the planet wants a jumper for xmas

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