Are you scrimping on Christmas dinner this year?

turkeyForget Christmas presents, this year people will be cutting back on grocery costs in an attempt to make ends meet. New figures from Vouchercodes show that this year, we will be spending an average of £125 on festive seasonal food and drink –  down 15 per cent on last year (£143) and less than half the amount we were able to be spend in 2011 (£264).

Shoppers in East Anglia are cutting back the most, spending £25 less than the national average (£100) while those in the North East will be splashing out the most on festive treats with the average Christmas grocery price tag of £147. Must be all that Nukey Brown. The 45-54 age group are the most extravagant shoppers with an average spend of £178 this year in comparison to the 18-24 age group spending close to 50 per cent less with an average spend of £98.

Despite the scandalous price of turkey in December (when supermarkets can’t give it away at any other time of the year), the cost of entertaining is cited as the main reason UK shoppers’ groceries are more expensive over Christmas, with two fifths blaming their hosting duties for the increased shopping bill (42 per cent). The West Midlands is the most generous region for festive freeloaders, as 55 per cent of UK adults accommodate family and friends with food and drink.

Anita Naik, lifestyle editor of VoucherCodes said: “Despite being a season to enjoy themselves, consumers are feeling the financial burn more than ever this year. Christmas can be a hard time of year to get the balance right between splurging on treats and covering essential costs. It is sad to see that for the second year running, families are forced to cut back further on their Christmas groceries to stay afloat – especially as indulging in festive food and drink is widely seen as one of main things to look forward to.”

Still, one way to save cash on your Christmas dinner is to check what offers and discounts are out there. Most of the bigger supermarkets will have offers that change regularly to keep an eye out, especially for the more expensive bottles of spirits.

Checking voucher and deals sites like HUKD can also help save a little bit extra. At the moment you can pick up £12 off a £60 spend from Tesco or the slightly less generous £1 off some spuds at Asda. Every little helps. Oh, wait.

Alternatively, you could just do all your shopping at Aldi instead- and you can currently win £150 to do your whole Christmas shop on their facebook page . If you’re into that kind of thing.


  • Tits M.
    "Are you scrimping on Christmas dinner this year?" No. I've worked my balls off all year and have given myself and all 7 staff a £5k bonus each, one of them was struggling massively in debt so I know they'll be fine over xmas too. So no ghosts will be visiting me on Christmas 'Eve
  • Serenepd
    Wow thats fantastic! Please offer me a job!
  • Dick T.
    @Tits: Presumably you made them suck you off for that?
  • Tits M.
    @Dick: That offer was sadly declined. However Serenepd, if you want a job...
  • Dick
    How do you define seasonal food and drink? Is it stuff purchased for the Christmas period, just for Christmas day, or just the stuff consumed on Christmas day? We always have leftovers that last for a good few days. £125 per person (including kids) for just Christmas day seems high. £125 for a family of four for the week seems about right.

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