Amazon's Boxing Day sale starts on Christmas Day

Amazon_Smartphone Every year, Amazon get a bit creative with the idea of Boxing Day. Their infamous Boxing Day sales have started on pretty much any day of winter that isn't Boxing Day itself.

This year, they'll be kicking things off on Christmas Day itself, and the company advise that you sign-up to their Deals Newsletter, where they'll alert you to what's going on.

The sale goes on for a week if you've got better things to do on Christmas Day (like eating chocolates by the boxload and farting while watching some feature-length animation on ITV), but they're promising some big savings on great items.

We'll see. At the moment they're tempting us with a mop, some pans and a football. It'll will almost certainly have more impressive items on offer after the stroke of midnight.

Click here to keep an eye on Amazon's Boxing Day sale

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  • Ginge M.
    Have you asked for a journalism qualification for Christmas this year Mof?

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