Amazon looking to hire 19,000 people!

amazon-logo Amazon are expecting a very, very busy Christmas and as such, are taking on a frankly remarkable 19,000 members of staff for the festive period.

Last year, they hired 13,000, so they're not mucking about. The jobs will be within Amazon’s fulfilment and customer service centres over the Christmas period, and like most temp jobs, there's a chance they might take you on permanently.

Amazon’s vice president of UK operations John Tagawa said: “As we continue to expand our operations in the UK, we are confident that hundreds of people who join us this Christmas in a seasonal role will have the opportunity to stay on with us on a permanent basis.”

We look forward to people asking us to get them a job with Amazon in the comments, and more importantly, the jokes being made at their expense by regular readers.

For a heads-up about Amazon's recruitment process, read this to give yourself an edge. Once you've done that, get stuck in on their vacancies page, by clicking here.


  • Leanne r.
    Looking for a Christmas job thanxs
  • sarah g.
    Please send me some info
  • Mary J.
    hi does any of the vacancies you have involve working from home? I would be very interested, thank you mary jo
  • Rose B.
    I need a job I got a car x!
  • Paula m.
    Hi I am looking for delivery driver jobs.evening and weekends.thanks
  • William R.
    Hi i am looking for work . What area is the work in ? I am from wigan . I have a clean Driving linces .
  • Adam
    Any jobs near Liverpool? ?
  • emma S.
    Evening all, I'm looking for some seasonal work to help out with the usual price tag of the season!! I live on the east coast so anything virtual would be a great opportunity If u feel u have something for me, please feel free to contact me Cheers for ur time!! Emma
  • Safraj k.
    Hi I'm really intrested
  • Tracy w.
    What hours do you have? Are there vacancies in Bristol?
  • Lisa g.
    I am looking for a Xmas job
  • Pauline h.
    I am a mum of 5 children look after my disabled son who is 6 years old but would to work I ave always worked I love being a mum but I also miss working
  • Janet b.
    Looking for a job with Amazon
  • Carl J.
    I'm looking for a job, very keen, sign me up!
  • Sarah
    Hi please send me info, I'm in Birmingham
  • Adnan i.
    I am in Newcastle under Lyme and looking for a part time work in the day time or evening. Please send me information.
  • Hi h.
    Hi I would love a job working from home is there any vacancies in Rotherham I would be very interested
  • Jenna M.
    Hi just seen this advert I would like to find out more about the positions please ? Working from home would be perfect Many thanks
  • kirsty f.
    looking for any job and i am available for immediate start
  • Rachel
    Um, read the article. No use you asking for work here, this isn't Amazon's page. Follow the links to the vacancies page. DUH.
  • Mahwish
    Hi I am in leicester very much interested please let me know the job details.
  • qwertyuiop
    I would never work for amazon on any basis, let alone christmas. The conditions the workforce is subjected to in the warehouse are abysmal. I wouldnt work for amazon if they were the last employer hiring on earth, I would result to crime!
  • monika d.
    Hi i looking job,please let me know job details.Working from home would be perfect for me.Many thanks Monika
  • Nysha
    Are there any job vacancies where you can work from home? Have a strong admin background!
  • Jackie
    anything in Preston?
  • Sushila
    I would enjoy working from home
  • Sushila
    I would enjoy working from
  • Amazon
    Dear BW, Please forward us the email addresses of the above applicants. We have a disability quota to fill. Thanks, Amazon.
  • Zoe L.
    is there any jobs working from home, for Amazon, possibly Admin based, I am looking to work from home due to my health condition. I am based in Manchester. Thanks.
  • Natalie S.
    Hi do they have any vacancies either working from home or based in Blackpool I'm looking for something part time could you please advise me. Kind regards
  • Donna G.
    Hi, as im close to a scottish depo i am interested in either warehouse, driving or admin work. Can work full time.
  • Tracey h.
    Please could you send me more information. Many thanks Tracey.

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