Avoid Crunch time for Last Minute Mailers

With 6 days left until Christmas, some of us last minute people will soon be freaking out about the post office queues and mail delays. Explaining to your 9 year old niece how Santa's delay is Royal Mail's fault is just kill-joy, and only preps a happy, naive, young child for a cynical life.

But don't fret.  Skip those post office queues by buying your postage online now.  To make things easier, Royal Mail says all you need is a computer and a printer.

Here's Bitterwallet's last minute summary of 5 easy steps to make sure your items make it well on their way before the big day:

1. Register

Simply register on the Royal Mail’s website.  It's free, quick and easy. Just select which service you want, and print it yourself. If you can't decide on what service you need, use the Royal Mail price finder. You will need to weigh your item so that you'll know the cost to send.  And if you can't lift it, maybe forget it.

2. Print

Fill in the recipient’s information and print onto label, envelope or paper. Pre-populated customs forms are available for international mail.

3. Pay and Post

Pay with a credit card or debit card or if you already have a registered account, you can use your prepay account. Beware of the minimum £3.50 for those who choose to pay using debit card.

4. Post on Time

Make sure to post your mail on or before the end of the next working day after purchase. Late posts will invalidate your online postage. If your parcel won't fit through the box, just hand it to the parcel acceptance point at the post office.  For the daredevil, try skipping the queue.  Good idea to learn some martial arts in case a yob attempts to stab you for it.

4. Arrive on Time

No posts are delivered on Christmas Day, so make sure your parcel arrives on Christmas eve at the latest.  That means, don't try to save a few pennies by posting second class now, and even at first class, make sure you mail it by tomorrow.

All special deliveries using Royal Mail's next day service must be arranged not later than 23 December, and account for how busy the post office will get. FYI, the average cost for sending a 100g small letter is 36p for first class and 27p for second class mail.

via [Royal Mail]


  • Bazzaric
    Just wanted to say this is a great reminder. Not much positive gets posted in the comments here, but good work!
  • Jasmine
    This was very informative, my experience in weapons is very limited, to the Jo and the Bokken and even less in Iaido. To me this was very interesting and exciting! I love to see all different things martial arts!

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