5 alternatives to wrapping paper (doesn't it cost a lot?)

No, I'm not tight, shut the hell up. The fact is that wrapping paper costs a small fortune, and ultimately you end up with dozens of presents that look identical to one another. Rubbish. So blow a few tenners on your androgynous wrappings and whorish gift bags, see if I care. But if you want to save some coin this Christmas and give a gift that stands out before it's unwrapped, here are five fine ideas:

Brown wrapping paper
You can pick up an 8 metre roll of wrapping paper for less than £1.50, so you'll save more than a few quid. It's also the choice of many a shrewd hipster when it comes to birthdays and Christmas; minimalist but neat, plain yet different.

Not quite as stylish as brown wrapping paper, but nobody's going to doubt your eco-friendly credentials. Save the world and save your money, too: if you don't buy a daily paper or browse the weekend broadsheets, ask a neighbour for theirs. Just be careful which newspaper you wrap it in.

Again, something fun to do with the kid's section of the weekend broadsheets, although unless you've been stockpiling back issues in your living room to the point of vermin infestation, it's unlikely you'll have enough paper to do the job.

This isn't necessarily a cheaper alternative to wrapping paper, but it's a great way to personalise a present. You don't necessarily have to buy posters though; film and music magazines them give away on a regular basis, as do plenty of publications aimed at kids.

Wrapping Christmas presents in wallpaper will either look pathetically cheap or as luxurious as dubloons dipped in chocolate, depending on your taste. There are plenty of good quality wallpapers available for less than the price of a couple of rolls of wrapping paper, that will wrap many more presents in higher quality paper.


  • mrsevans101
    Have just posted on HUK - PoundLand have 10m rolls of brown paper for.... £1!
  • Jenny
    I bought 20m of luxury wrapping paper for just 50p online, and asda sell 2m rolls for just 16p. Brown paper is loads more expensive, lol.
  • Mike H.
    What about foil? no need for tape peeps

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