2015 Christmas stamps revealed

Christmas is an exciting time of year of the Royal Mail because, firstly, they're really busy. Secondly, they get to drop their new stamps, which is as close to dropping a mixtape as they get. A really twee mixtape, obviously.

And so, to this year's, and they've gone for scenes from the nativity story. When we heard they were doing this, we hoped it'd be kids in nativity plays with a wax candle of snot above their lips, but obviously, they've gone traditional.


On the stamps, the Royal Mail said the scenes show the Annunciation and the birth of Christ. No doubt Richard Dawkins' devotees will be spluttering into their soya lattes about all this.

The stamps themselves were illustrated by an artist David Holmes. Not the Irish DJ, but by the looks of things, a fella who normally paints the images you see on Christmas cards.


Andrew Hammond, Managing Director of Royal Mail Stamps and Collectibles, says: "Christmas is a stamp issue we particularly look forward to. The charming style of these designs sets the perfect tone for the festive season."

And while we've got you thinking about sending cards and the like, it is recommended that you post any letters and what have you, by December 19th for second-class mail, December 21st for first-class and December 23rd for special delivery, if you want them to get to their destination before Christmas Day.


We think you should send them earlier than that, because we don't trust the rush, and we also think you should give people the opportunity to get them earlier so they can display them on bits of string around the house with all the other Xmas cards.

Remember - there'll be no deliveries from Christmas Day until December 29th this year.


  • Dave
    What the frig's any of this got to do with Christmas? Where's the one with Santa on? Or the Coke truck? Or a sack full of cash?
  • Warwick H.
    With the onset of full mail privatisation the day will come when nobody but M.Ps will be able to afford stamps.
  • Kim
    Clue is in the title Dave....CHRISTmas!!! Be blessed this advent season.
  • George
    Piratisation of Royal Mail has been a disaster for personal users. RM chase business users who have high volume, and we subsidise those deals. When I sent my Christmas gifts to pals in Finland and Germany I paid approximately double what they paid sending equivalent gifts back to me. This year we've agreed not to bother, so Royal Mail will make sod all.

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