2 Days Left: 5 Tips (and Ode) to Christmas

With 2 days to go, here's a few last minute tips to help you make it through the next few days.

1. Send some last minute cards: Missed the post office deadline to send Christmas cards?  Why not go eco friendly and send some e-cards instead?  Try Ojolie, Jacquie Lawson, E-Motion, Artleaf , or my favorite, JibJabHallmark is also doing free e-cards.  Charities like Marie Curie Cancer Care (www.mariecurie.org.uk) are offering packages of 100 e-cards for £30. Plus you'll sleep better when Santa comes down the chimney on Thursday.

2. Start wrapping your pressies now: Get your wrapping done now, so that you can spend Christmas night sipping some mulled wine instead of getting paper cuts.  If you hate gift wrapping, get someone else to do it for you.  Malls across the country now will often have wrapping services in exchange for a small donation.

3. Watch for the gift wrapping scam: A common Christmas hustle is with fake con artists posing as gift wrappers in malls.  When your gift is in the background, they will empty out the content(s) and replace it with valueless goods of equal weight (think hay and bricks), and by the time you pick it up all wrapped and pretty, you won't even know a thing until your kids start crying on Christmas day.

4.  Partying too hard with all the bubbly lately? Start taking Milk Thistle to help your liver regenerate.  The NHS is busy enough as it is.  And make sure you stock up on the Aspirin and Alka-Seltzer, bin bags, soap and loo roll before the big day.

5.  Travelling? Make sure you book your seats in advance.  Trains are having delays across the country and will be jam packed.  Got a group? Make sure you get a Family & Friends Rail Card offering up to 60% discount for children, and only costs £24 a year.  Available online.

Got more tips? Share them below!


  • highguyuk
    Thought I'd comment that I'm QUITE tech savvy, but I got caught out with a Hallmark Cards Virus. I say I - I was on the work computer so I'm not really bothered. So just be careful if you receive any cards, make sure they are from a reliable source.
  • alex3410
    buy an extra present or two so u dont feel awkward if someone gets you one and you got them nothing, and if they are left over keep them :P
  • Terry
    What's this mall nonsense? Pretty sure we call them shopping centres.

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