10 Obvious Ways to Save Money This Christmas

http://img183.imageshack.us/img183/2497/361413mrtqw666735966711vr4.jpg#Christmas time is dreaded by many, especially the months after, when we are repaying the credit card bills in exchange for Santa's visit.

This year is unlikely to be any different, but with the economic recession, The Telegraph is determined to save you some hard earned money this holiday season with their special Xmas guide.

On their website, they outlined 10 methods, here's 5 of their points, summarised:

1. Use a cash back card. Duh.
2. Make a budget (and stick to it).  No kidding.
3. BOGOF (Buy one get one free).  HUKD, anyone?
4. Shop with a list. Boring.
5. Gift exchange, instead of buying everyone gifts.  (Probably the only good idea from the list)

For obvious reasons, the guide will not be blowing the minds of savvy consumers like yourself, but it's still worth a reminder.

If you have better tips to save and manage, please share below.


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  • loolmein
    http://www.find-dvd.co.uk/ most HUKDers know it, but use this site, invaluable if you're buying any media, they don't always get things 100% right tho, so do a HUKD search for the product you require as sometimes there vouchers etc knocking around making things cheaper, also if the site you are buying from is not on quidco, occasionaly you can get cashback via topcashback, which is handy

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