1 Day To Christmas: Free Personalised Video From Santa For Your Child

MSN made a pretty cool xmas video tool, that you can use to personalise a Santa reading for children on this website.

While it's designed for children, it still made me laugh, especially after making one for myself.  To get an idea of how the end result would look like, click here.

You simply fill in 3 pages of a form answering questions like how old the child is, what their name is, and what they would like for Christmas.

The video is compiled within seconds and personalised depending on what you want.  It's also free, and you can even upload an image of your child (max 5MB) to be included on Santa's 'list' in the video.  Have fun.


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  • Tim H.
    Sent one to a female friend who has asked for an "electronic gadget"... ;) Amused me anyhow!

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