Are Quality Street smaller than they used to be?

The internet is unhappy, and it is unhappy about the size of chocolate. We all know this is a hot topic (not to be confused with a hot, melted Topic), which has seen those notoriously nice people at Nestle hitting back. A young lady called Charlotte Stacey Hook‎ posted a photo on Facebook of Quality Street…


River Island jobs on the go!

River Island jobs on the go!

Jobs time again on Bitterwallet! Yes indeed, we're looking at getting the out-of-work, very much into god-I-hate-having-to-work-all-the-time-but -wages-pay-for-the-booze-so-I-can-forget. This time, we're looking at River Island who have LOADS of roles going. Of course, they'll be taking on staff for Christmas, but they seem to have all manner of jobs going, should you be looking for…