Your broadband - how slow do you think you're going?

26 October 2009

Want to see how slow and expensive your high-speed broadband is when compared with the rest of the world? Of course you do! Click through the graphic for more fantastical facts and stats, and wonder whether the Japanese experience of broadband causes nosebleeds and permanent blindness:

Bitterwallet - the world of broadband [Zach Klein]


  • Tom P.
    The Japanese are amazingly amazing, i'm going to move there. Can also check out those crazy Japanese vending machines.
  • Sean
    Most of these I already knew, but I had no idea Japan had such quality broadband! Wish my crappy 1 mbps was 1/20th as good as Japan's average... What I could do with 61 mbps...
  • Jay
    Usually being slow with high penetration wouldn't be a bad thing
  • Offline S.
    Britain is lagging with a shitty infrastructure that needs overhauling, maybe the fibre trials will help.
  • EndlessWaves
    The UK costs ~15-20USD per megabit? I think that picture may be using rather out of date figures. And it's only interesting if we know the spread - if 6% of Japan has gigabit connections and the rest have only 1mbps you'd get an average of 60mbps, but I certainly wouldn't want to live there.
  • Alan
    Other countries actually invest in their infrastructure. BT just fill the wallets of the Fat Cats who probably don't even know the difference between SDSL and ADSL.
  • Amanda H.
    The beeb did a Japan special in the weekend (click online?) and they said those speeds were possible, but the majority of people couldnt get anywhere near them.
  • maxtweenie
    Fibre trials? Ha bloody ha. When my bungalow was built around 18 years ago, BT laid fibre optic cables in the street outside. They still don't bloody go anywhere. Tossers.
  • Brian
    Hi, my name is Brian. I like the "used panties" vending machines the lucky people in Japan have access to. Does anyone know if they have anything like this in Milton Keynes (i've looked without luck)?
  • Up n.
    @brian, yes they do have something similar to that in milton keynes, its called a female. All of them in that area will sell you their knickers for a couple of quid.
  • Paul D.
    And this is the crap you are going to get in UK while BT and our successive goverments (who are just learning the way of the email ) control and continu to allow and help monopolies to make excessive profits and feather there own nests
  • Paul D.
    and i still cant even get half a meg
  • Alex B.
    I always though Australia was a well developed country. By the look of our broadbank speed I think we should concentate a little more on IT and a little less on mining.
  • Big G.
    @ Paul Doughty.On a good day (weather-wise) I can,but where I live in Scotland,half a meg,via satellite,is currently £23.50 +VAT per month.The dial-up runs at around 20kb/s.Nearest cable is about 7 miles away. Mobile broadband varies,from barely usable to useless.Celebrate what you have-it can't be worse than mine!
  • BOB
    where do they get the figures of 22mb for the uk?, seemings ofcom done an in depth study and found the average uk speed to be 3.6mb
  • iCock
    I get what I pay for. This highly scientific and vastly detailed chart doesn't ring true to me, especially after seeing Click (as mentioned by Amanda Hugginnkiss). .
  • Que
    It's so fast in Japan because most people don't pirate stuff because rental is so good. So less people being filthy leachers means faster speeds for everyone.
  • Robbo
    Bob - i dont think it says 22mb - it looks around 3-4meg to me.
  • MrRobin
    Hmm interesting, but the big red UK blob is not really representative to what I get... 20Mbs for £9.79 a month = £0.49 per mb per month.
  • NobbyB
    If the average is 19MBps in France, then some people must get it really fast. I have used (home) broadband in Paris, Strasbourg, Lyon, Lille and Nantes and never got anywhere close to that speed.
  • Nigel
    Where was the original source for this article?
  • In f.
    @Nigel Photoshop, by Adobe.
  • james d.
    anyone else notice that the Norway arrow isn't pointing at Norway

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