Wanna Download Films in 3 Minutes and Music Albums in 10 Seconds? No Problem, Says Virgin Media.

http://img247.imageshack.us/img247/8022/spl67056001023270802428lm3.jpgVirgin Media launched what they claim to be 'Britain’s fastest ever broadband service' yesterday - a 50MB service that is 9x faster than the existing regular broadband average speed of 5.5MB in the UK.  It does come with a high price tag, though. 

The new Virgin Media service claims that consumers on the service would be able to download films in 3 minutes, or full TV programmes in 1 minute.  Industry specialists welcome the concept, but question the legitimacy of the speeds suggested.  But the concept of download a whole music album in just a bit over 10 seconds, and full HD Films in 15 Minutes, is not new.  Japan's average speed surpasses 60MB, and even France's 18MB average is more than twice that of the actual current speeds in the UK.  According to The Daily Telegraph:

The firm said this month it was making the service available to 1.3million homes in Dudley, Liverpool, parts of Tyneside, Hayes, Wigan, Croydon, Bradford, Dundee, Glenrothes and Wolverhampton.

The days of spending hours on a 28.8 bps modem blocking the phone line may be long gone, but Virgin's new service does come at a price tag of £51 per month.  Customers on the landline phone service at £11/month do get it at a discounted price of an extra £35 a month, and Virgin's plan is that by next summer, 12.6million homes will have access to the fiber optic service across the country. 

Now, Virgin Media's 'technical support' is a whole different matter. Be prepared to to spend hours dealing with a call center in India reading template responses off a TV screen.  Perhaps Virgin's plan to cut  2,200 jobs by 2012 should start there?

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  • Mike H.
    Dudley, Liverpool, parts of Tyneside, Hayes, Wigan, Croydon, Bradford, Dundee, Glenrothes and Wolverhampton. Least it'll get used mostly in the day.
  • ODB
    Mike your a complete dickhead!
  • Mike H.
    Mike your a complete dickhead! Aww thanks ! You from one of these areas? loser
  • Rob
    Mike Hock Sucks ... rearrange these words into something yo momma does... you ignorant snob!
  • Bob
    Most amusing, but not as amusing when this amazing "new" Virgin technology falls over ever half an hour as it inevitably will.
  • ODB
    No Mike...Stafford...AND I have a job.... Very much doubt you do though as al you do is post retarded bullshit on here....no idea how old you actualy are but you come across as a eenager who knows some swear words..dear god no! Grow up you fucking loser! LOL @ Rob...good point, well made!
  • OD I.
    The swear words, the poor spelling, it's like being back at school.
  • Frank
    Sorry to disappoint, but this may not be possible depending on how you are downloading... http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/12/16/virgin_bittorrent/
  • Matt S.
    that would be 28.8 Kbps, 28.8 bps would be incredible slow, at that speed it would take approximately 316 hours to download an average sized mp3 file.
  • Mike H.
    I feel for you ODB, I really do, what with the crap spelling and lack of basic grammar, and that you have to spend your days tapping out crap comments from your cell in Stafford prison, all you seem to do with your time is come on here to tell me how crap my comments are, and how they are a 'complete dickhead' you seem to take BW very seriously, where as most people have spotted that it's just a laugh, one day, you'll know what it's like to laugh, I'm sure of it. Hope you get better soon ODB, luv Mike XXX P.S. Mike Hock is always warm and ready for you when you need it
  • Pokey
    50MB? Faster than the average 5.5MB service? It's not a 50MB service, or an average 5.5MB service. It's a 50Mbps service, nine times faster than the 5.5Mbps service. Some ISPs like to use all uppercase in their marketing so people think they're dealing with megabytes and not megabits. Seems Vince Wong fell into this trap in his little article there too.

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