Vodafone to scrap line-rental

Vodafone to scrap line-rental

Vodafone have said that they're getting rid of line rental charges for new and upgrading home broadband customers in the UK.

What does that actually mean? Well, immediately, you'll not see an £18-a-month charge for it on your bill if you've committed yourself to an 18-month contract.

You'll still have a landline connection and number, and it'll cost you £22 per month (and more, depending on what package you've got).

However, that money is going to be made up somewhere else, so really, it is a rebranding rather than abolishing a charge. Basically, the charge will be combined into Vodafone's fibre pricing.

They're not doing this out of the goodness of their hearts either - the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) have been hassling companies, saying that customers need to see monthly costs clearly advertised.

Line-rental costs have been hidden away in broadband offers, which can come as a nasty surprise to some people when they sign-up with a new company, and the ASA are trying to sort that out.

So, with that, Vodafone are getting in there quick, in a hope that the bill you pay will be more straightforward.

That said, they're pretty small-fry compared to say, BT who also offer sports TV packages and the rest.

However, the crucial thing here is this - will it all this mean you're paying less? Sadly, the answer is 'no'.

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