Vodafone best for mobile web browsing, says O2

So O2 commissioned an independent survey to determine download speeds for mobile handsets in the UK. Perhaps they went into it assuming they'd be king of the hill, but in fact they weren't. While O2 scored best for music downloads, the survey revealed that Vodafone offered the fastest speeds for web browsing. D'oh!

The survey measured speeds in 150 locations across the UK at different times of the day, seven days weeks, over a two month period - the survey attempted to mimic general usage patterns to determine what broadband speeds are available to consumer for the top five networks - O2, Vodafone, Orange, T-Mobile and Three.

O2 was the zippiest for music downloads with Vodafone coming in second place. But in terms of web browsing via mobile, Vodafone was quickest and Orange, O2 and T-Mobile shared second place.

Unfortunately, that information is about as useful as a headless crab, because no geographical data was released, on the basis that overall there is little difference. Across all the results, perhaps, but when you're in a town where some networks are spotty at best, a local breakdown is pretty handy, no? And that's no doubt the real reason, we imagine.



  • Mile E.
    Should have gone to vodafone Paul,can i call you Paul?
    lol , can i call you Paul,too?
  • PaulH
    Hello, my name is Paul...
  • Chris
    What this entirely excludes is the coverage which actually makes the difference in the speed you get. Where is three?
  • Sam
    My name is definitely Paul.
  • andrew
    Im thinking of changing my name to Paul ... would it suit me?

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