Vodafone 4G-ers, now with free Netflix

netflix-transparent Vodafone are tempting to woo new customers to its 4G network with six months of free Netflix.

It's true. If you sign up to a 4G plan from July, you will have the option of choosing Netflix, or you could have six free months of Spotify Premium or even Sky Sports Mobile. But what if you're already a Netflix-er? Well you'll still get that free.

You have to sign up to a package over £26

To be eligible, you need to sign up to a 4G plan worth over £26.

To put it into saving money chat, Netflix costs £6.99 per month for new customers, so the deal would save them £41.94.

That doesn't sound so bad does it? Before you know it, you'll be obsessed with Orange is the New Black or a whole host of grotty 80s horror films.

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