Virgin offer £50 cashback on broadband

Sky buys Virgin Media for £160 millionVirgin Media are playing hardball in an attempt to lure customers to them. They're doing this by announcing the return of a £50 cashback offer for new broadband bundle customers... but you'll have to be quick.

You've got 'til 14th of March to sign up for the ISP's Triple Play service, which is a package which includes broadband, telephone and TV. Sign up, and they've promised to bang your first bill with a credit of £50. If you want, you can combine this promotion with Virgin's six month discount broadband offer and free installation offers.

From then on, an entry package which combines broadband, TV and phone will cost £10 a month, increasing to £20 after the first six month discount period.

Will they sort out all the faff of telling everyone your new phone number and all that as well? Probably not.



  • TeflonMan
    Virgin Media?? Not ever again, even if THEY paid ME every month! How they didn't scoop the Worst Company in Britain Award is a mistery to me.
  • PokeHerPete
    Thank God its not through Quidco, you'd never get it!
  • zacspeed
    I got £165 last year through Quidco (and I DID get it)
  • james d.
    wow plus £120 cashback today, thats a lotta moneys!!.
  • klingelton
    ok - their offshore call centres aren't the most customer friendly, and rather alot of their processes are kinda rigid - however underneath it all is a pretty reliable cable internet service and a good TV package for less than sky. At least with vermin media, you will get close to the 10Meg they promise, if not over (not unheard of for me!)
  • Another A.
    Why are you republishing another press release?
  • zacspeed
    I've been with them about 8 months now & no probs so far. I get 9.8Mb every day - morning, noon & night. I suppose they're like every other provider out there, only showing their true colours when things start to go wrong.
  • blablabla500
    Great! how do I sign up. Oh, thats right - I can't. Of course, if I lived on the opposite side of the street, and not in an apartment complex, then I would be fine. Sadly Virgin ignore me
  • Gary M.
    My neighbour bought the triple play service last June and I live in a 3rd floor flat and I get free virgin broadband for the next 2 years! Beat that?
  • PokeHerPete
    @zacspeed - But how many years did it take for you to get it?
  • klingelton
    let's face it, the strongest selling point for vermin media is the very decent broadband. compared with most ADSL services, it really shits on them. I couldn't be happer with vermin media's service thus far. they seem to be on a par with all the other incompetant fuckwits around the country with regards to customer service at the moment.

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