Virgin Media to increase broadband charges AGAIN

25 September 2015

virgin media Virgin Media are putting their prices up again, for the fourth time in three years. Something has to pay for that £3 billion fibre optic broadband network, eh?

As of Monday, Virgin Media will start telling customers about the price increases to its broadband-only tariffs. We'll tell you now, though. The cost of a 50Mbps connection is currently £28.50 a month, which will go up by 6.1% to £30.25 a month. A 100Mbps line will increase by 5.2% from £33.50 to £35.25 a month.

So, if you've been a customer with Virgin Media since 2013, then these upcoming price rises will mean that you're paying £83 a year more than when you started.

These new prices come into play in November, just in time for Christmas! Of course, if you're annoyed about this, remember - you can cancel your contract with Virgin Media without any penalty before October 31st.

This is because they've put prices up, mid-contract, which means you can walk away for free if you find a better deal. Have a shop around or, more likely, think about having a shop around and ultimately not get around to doing anything about it.


  • Dino
    I'm so glad I cannot get VIRGIN MEDIA where I live. I begrudge paying any company line rental when I don't use the house phone so any company that says BB is £28.50 plus line rental of £16.99 a grand total of £45.49
  • Nobody p.
    Dino, you must have missed the memo, since Virgin don't require you to have a phone line, so line rental needed if one is so inclined. I quite happily browse the interwebz using Virgin squirrels without any line (other than the physical cable one).

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