Virgin Media to axe 900 jobs

virgin media Virgin Media is going to give the chop to 900 jobs from their UK workforce over the next couple of years. They insist that the company are growing and still investing, but this will be little comfort to anyone who is about to be made redundant.

Chief exec, Tom Mockridge, says: "Over the last three years Virgin Media has been transformed. We’re expanding, investing and growing our business. The proposed reorganisation will give us an even sharper focus on the customer, network expansion and business growth."

The company say that they're still growing upward and outward, and that they're expecting the number of people they employ, either directly or through partners, to rise from about 23,000 in 2015, to over 25,000 this year. Again, little solace if you're about to lose your job with them.

It looks like there's going to be a lot of temp-work and people being contracted by Virgin soon, and they better not scrimp on customer service staff, as complaints have been hot with Virgin Media lately.

Either way, the thing they're zeroing in on, is their 'Project Lightning', which is their five-year plan to throw £3bn at extending their super-fast broadband network.


  • Albi
    Don't worry though. They'll still have enough staff to bombard the nation with junk mail every week!
  • Dave
    "Either way, the thing they’re zeroing in on, is their ‘Project Lightning’, which is their five-year plan to throw £3bn at extending their super-fast broadband network." I think most of that has come from increases in my bill.
  • Fat H.
    Fucking sick of their junk mail. Huge A4 size booklet crap sent about every 2 weeks. Phoned to complain and got called back 5 times in one hour asking if I wanted to signup. FUCKING CUNTS!

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