Virgin Media Brings £5 Mobile Broadband

The news of new dongles just keep coming.  And Virgin Media's new mobile broadband service starting at £5 per month may be worth a quick mention. to the Mobile Broadband market, Virgin Media boosts publicity by giving existing subscribers access starting from £5 extra a month. Qualifying Virgin Broadband subscribers on the L, XL or ADSL Bundle 1 packages can get 1GB mobile broadband service starting at £5 (dongle prices may apply).

Non-Virgin customers can cash in on this deal as well, getting 1GB mobile broadband  for £10 per month or £15 per month for 3 GBs for an 18 month contract.

The company is also offering a £10-per-month mobile broadband deal to those subscribing to its 'M' cable broadband package, the ADSL 'Bundle 2' product, or the company's basic ADSL up to 8Mbps Unlimited Broadband service.

Virgin will be running its service over T-Mobile's UK 3G network, claiming speeds of up to to 3.6Mbps depending on signal strength.

With Sky One back on Virgin Media, Branson looks to be keeping busy.

[Virgin Media via Techwatch]

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  • Jamie D.
    Readers should remember that Virgin Media is one of the companies who have plans to sell all of your internet browsing data to a company called Phorm so that data can be used to send you unwanted targeted advertising. There are many who believe that this technology is illegal and have left Virgin Media (as have I), BT Internet and Carphone Warehouse, the other ISPs who have signed up to use Phorm. Virgin Media's mobile broadband will almost certainly use Phorm. Virgin Media see it as a valuable revenue stream. If you're new to the Phorm storm there are a number of places you could start reading from. Two are one of my own blog entries at and the video footage posted at where you will see the concerns of Dr Richard Clayton and Alexander Hanff completely ignored by the Phorm CEO, Kent Ertegrul. I would urge potential Virgin Media customers to consider alternative providers who do not use Phorm. You do not need Phorm.

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