Virgin Broadband prices are going up!

Bitterwallet - Richard Branson blackmail at Virgin Media Virgin Media customers - if you can read and noticed the headline, you'll know that there's going to a price rise for your broadband.

The hike will see tariffs increase by an eye-watering £1.50. Think of how drastically your life is going change after that.

You'll have to get on the scratchcards and hope for a windfall.

Those of you who signed up to a broadband-only contract before May 2014 will be charged an extra £1.50 per month, which follows the £2.50 a-month increase that came about in 2013.

Virgin Media have said that, should you be appalled at this rise, you will be able to cancel your contract free of charge. That's not a random act of generosity - that's thanks to those new rules brought in by Ofcom.

At the start of the year, Ofcom said telecoms companies have to give at least one month's notice if they change an agreed monthly subscription price and, if they don't, customers can ditch them without penalty.

Virgin Media director of Broadband Joe Lathan said, "As part of a review of our services, we are changing the price of taking just broadband from us. Virgin Media is the only major provider able to supply broadband without a phone line because of our unique cable network and so we remain unbeatable value for money."

So there you have it.

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  • DrJogalog
    Call 'em. Tell your not happy with increase. They will reduce your tariff if you are not in contract. They will compensate the charge if you are in contract. Don't take this shit, they offer you nothing extra for what was an ~8% pay increase (to me anyway) Cheeky bastards!

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