UK Broadband: Modem life is rubbish

slow-internet-connection UK Broadband is dreadful and everyone involved needs to get their act together or face being thrown into a pit, according to a business lobby group.

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) says that the UK's broadband target is not ambitious enough when compared to other nations, and is calling on the government to commit to delivering a minimum of 10Mbps (megabits per second) for all homes and businesses by 2018/19. Rising to 100Mbps by 2030.

The report indicated that:

  • 94% of small business owners consider a reliable internet connection to be critical to the success of their business
  • 45,000 UK small businesses are still on - bloody hell - dial-up speeds
  • Only 15% of firms say they are very satisfied with their broadband provision.

The report also recommends the Government starts prioritising the delivery of fibre-optic broadband to new and existing business parks, and a reform of the broadband market.

However a spokeswoman from BT has suggested the picture was not as bad as the FSB had painted: "73% of UK premises can access fibre - including some businesses who say they can't in this report - and that should rise to 90% in under two years."

"Having said that, we know that many businesses are waiting for fibre and it may be they're prominent among the 4% of FSB members that replied to this survey. The good news is that fibre should reach the vast majority of that 4% in the coming months or next couple of years under existing plans."

BDUK, the group set up to spend £530m of government money allocated for rural broadband, came in for criticism for delays in distributing funds to councils and for awarding every contract to former monopoly BT.

And further shade was served by a Commons Public Accounts Committee report that concluded the government had "ripped off" taxpayers.

Hey. The Government ripping people off. That would be most unusual.


  • warwick h.
    I get constant letters and e mails from my ISP Vermin Media - great news !!!!!!! your broadband speed in being increased, if it had been increased for everyone of these I have had it would be 10000mb by now but sadly its still at 1mb.
  • squack
    Broadband in the country is really really crap because some silly cow in her wisdom prevented the state investing in something which would improve things for the country, and wanted to leave it all to free markets! See Thanks Maggie, another fine mess you got us into!

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