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Do you need to renew your home broadband, but lacking a good deal? With the increasing demand for broadband users and the economic recession, several service providers have created tempting packages to lure switchers and new subscribers alike.

Have a look below for the top 3 broadband offers discovered by your fellow readers on Hot UK Deals:

1. O2 Home Broadband (found by charliebrown): A standard package starts from £7.34 per month (or £12.23 for all other customers) with one month free of charge. This price includes: up to 8 meg download speed (subject to location), McAfee security software, upload speed 1.3 meg, 100 free web texts per month, O2 wireless router, unlimited usage, no connection charge, up to 10 O2 email addresses and free UK customer service. O2 also offers existing O2 customers additional Broadband discounts if they continue with their current subscriptions. The contract length is for one year and there is a 30 day money back guarantee. For an extra monthly cost you can opt for a premium or pro package.

Tip: charliebrown says there is a £70 Quidco offer on this deal for all new customers. Reader Pet2000 points out however that this is not guaranteed.

2. Plusnet Value Broadband (found by Cstill): Plusnet Value Broadband for just £5.99 per month on an 18 month contract. This package includes: 10GB usage allowance, up to 8Mb download speeds, free wireless 4-port router, 24/7 support, free connection, unlimited email addresses and Broadband Firewall and spam protection. Unlimited usage package is also available for £11.99 per month. Broadband and home phone packages are available from £15.74 per month. Reader crocodilemick mentions that plusnet were bought by BT a while ago, and as such you can use a BT homehub with them.

3. Virgin Media - 3 for £20 Deal (found by meclive): Great deals for those looking for phone and TV as well as broadband connection. By using Virgin for all 3 services, you can get fantastic monthly prices. Click through their best value bundles to see what bundles are available. One value loaded Virgin package includes up to 10 Mb fibre optic broadband, over 100 digital TV channels and unlimited weekend UK landline calls. All of this for just £19 per month for three months and then £24 per month after that

Tip: meclive says if you add the L or XL broadband to your order the free wireless router is added to your basket, if you then downgrade to M broadband the wireless router will stay be in your basket for £0.00 saving you another £40.

Final note: Before applying for new subscriptions with any kind of services, you should make sure to read the service contract, espeially the fine print. Cancellation and pre-termination of services and packages might entail payment of cancellation fees equivalent to the entire period you have applied on. To avoid this unnecessary fuss and future wrangling with broadband service companies, take your time looking around for the best deals and packages.


  • Will
    I've just left O2 as they were slow as f*ck. Moving to TitanADSL. Paying £12 more (was paying £17 with O2.) We have Titan at work and everytime I download a file I have to quickly run into the bathroom and splash water on my face because I'm so shocked at how fast it is. That said, it will probably be s*it at my house :(
  • Will
    Oh, and I add these articles are what this website is all about! Nice work Vince.
  • jaysexy212005
    Should Virgin really be in the top three?
  • Shane B.
    I wouldnt touch any of the above. I have been with O2 (average speeds, poor CS), then moved to virgin (Awful connection - thats when it connected! CS is the worst I have came across) and they where that bad I paid 6 months into a 12 month contract to leave them! Im now with TitanADSL - fast connection, decent CS, not bad pricing. They have just cut the cost of the Home 30 from £19.99 to £18.99 (however they have adjusted the off peak hours to 12pm-8am from 10pm-8am).
  • worto
    I moved from plusnet to 02 4 months ago and am very very happy with them, I should point out that I was happy with plusnet too but was paying double a month compared to what I'm paying now.
  • Callum
    That O2 deal works out to be less than £1 a month with quidco!
  • Debs
    Been with Tiscali for years now and never had a problem with them, i know most dont like them but i speak as i find.
  • John
    I can't see the "3 for £20" deal on the Virgin Website, the cheapest I can see is the "Triple for £14" deal which actually costs £25 when line rental is included.
  • veedubjai
    @ Will, O2 is slow in some areas are due to high congestion on the network as it is already peaked to maximum load. O2 is currently aware of this as they are trying to upgrade the most busiest networks in the UK as fast as they can. O2 have been very late on the game for home broadband services hence they are trying to catch up with the rest of top ISP's who have established long ago but they are still winning customer's loyalty for a refreshing change for good coverage, Free UK only customer services (do you want to speak to Indian based contact centres), no connection charges, unlimited downloads, etc. Each hardware upgrade to every landline exchanges do have maximum capacity limits hence when this is full, it is those landline exchanges that require immediate upgrades. Think of it as a pint glass of water, you can't overflow it but you can add more pint glasses for more volume. Is your work place using a home broadband package or a business broadband package as they are both totally different in their own merits? Are they using a leased line for broadband as you claim you were so shocked how fast it was? You pay for what you get to receive a near 100% service at the best possible service but NO ISP will guarantee 101% service 24/7 365 days a year as breakdowns could happen that are out of their control plus human error is possible. A number of factors could affect your broadband speed, distance between YOU & phone exchange (I mean the length distance & not straight line distance), quality of copper line, line extentions & filters used, ISP hardware faults, BT's own hardware faults, etc. Basically the closer you live next door to a phone exchange, the better if you want faster connection but takes those factors into consideration. I would recommend you stick to LLU operators own installed hardware at these BT exchanges. If your exchange is not LLU then what that means is whoever ISP you sign your home broadband with if you insist it, will mean the ISP will have to pay BT a hefty sum of money just to use BT's own hardware for data use just for the customer. That is why O2 also offer the O2 Access package for those BT exchanges that do not have O2 owned hardware installed hence the prices will be higher for that matter. O2 will not install hardware that will cost thousands of Pounds unless there is really demand in that area. The more LLU operators on the broadband market, the more competition there is for better prices for all. BT had to LLU, otherwise BT would have had most control of all landline market in the UK which means they could control wholesale & retail prices. Read up on Virgin Media's own fibre optic cabling story recently as SKY, yes, SKY is going to the regulators to demand Virgin Media to open up the network for other ISP's for more competition as SKY is concern that Virgin Media is gonna gobble up most of the fibre optic network & reduce market share. Competition is good for everyone which is healthy for the broadband market. Use this to check your local phone exchange; Apologise if this is very long but this is not directed at you personally but I am sick to death in general of complaints when why do companies offer a trial period in he first place. Have no one heard of shopping around & doing some background research with an open-mind? Would you buy a house/car without checking the details? If you're not happy then don't sign the dotted line.
  • ccnp
    I can explain teh Virgin problems. You are mispronouncing the name. Instead of Vir - gin try saying N T L perhaps all is now clear?
  • mpj
    If you want to go to O2, be prepared for their version of 8 meg which tonight struggles to reach 600k
  • Artonox
    Im with o2 in London (less than a few weeks). I get average 450kbs. Way different from Be's 6000kbs. Either way if the lines are different or not, at those silly prices + quidco etc, you'd think that o2 would be proactive and upgrade before allowing congestion to happen and slowing everyone down, including the existing and loyal. Sure every ISP has a first time, but o2 is handling complaints upon this matter very poorly, the forums are implying that o2 don't know what is going on and so begins the "lying" technique which stems from last month or two.. (Well to be fair, a week or two ago, they said that they are "aware" of this and trying to fix it). Would I recommend people to go to o2 - only if you are prepared to take the risk of slow speeds and if you are one of the unlucky ones, prepare to wait for about a "few weeks" for them to repair (that is what o2 emailed me - no definate date and this is from yesterday). If you need consistency as a top priority over price, you may want to wait (skip the quidco deal) till things get better, though £70 is tempting.
  • Fred C.
    I recommend Bethere. According to Which? Magazine they are one of the best.
  • craig
    Bt is just another service provider to Openreach who owns and installs all your copper based network, no preference here. Want faster broadband? get rid of all those stupid plug in extensions in your houses, the amount of houses i go in and peeps are complaining about speeds when they may as well have a wet piece of string for wiring.
  • jinkssick
    Be There was great but remember that you are tied paying 12.50 a month with BT for line rental. Thats £150 to BT for nooooottttthhhing. full stop. I would move to somewhere like Virgin or Sky or Tiscali, they are having probs, and any other that includes line rental.
  • Nish
    Left Titan about 6 months ago for £17.50/mth saving at my home (after quidco which paid within 2 months) Cant say there has been any drop off in downloading speed whatsoever, in fact some are way faster.
  • Nish
    Oops forgot to say moved to O2 broadband from Titan
    ive just jumped ship from the sinking talktalk, moved to BT option 3 24.99 Download speeds were 1MBPS with talktalk and now im getting just under 8 and can actually use the net when i want Not a deal in any way shape or form buy you pay for quality Also insider info BT dropping option 3 BB down to 22.50 shortley and releasing mobile BB
  • Jakg
    Tiscali's "free" line rental only applies in their LLU areas, though - if you live where I do (read - the middle of nowhere with no LLU operators full stop) then BT are probably the best bet..
  • spencer1975
    I have moved to TitanADSL's new unlimited 24Mbs service for £22 a month and it is so mucg better than O2's connection i now have a perfect 22Mbs sync with TitanADSL and throughput is so much better. I would reccomend TitanADSL to anyone wanting a great service.
  • Kleiman
    The one thing he shouldn't have done is reaffirm doubt where it is undeserved. It reminds me of all the apologists for Uri Geller, who like to say that although he sometimes does a few tricks when he's nervous, his powers are real whenever Randi isn't around to intimidate him. Of course it's possible — it's just that the case has been made so strongly that Geller is a phony and that human CO2 emissions contribute to global warming that it's disingenuous to argue for the exceedingly unlikely…especially when there are special interests out there eager to grab onto that glimmer of false doubt to continue to promote more self-destructive behavior

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