Top 3 mobile broadband deals

Looking for mobile broadband? Below are 3 cracking deals currently listed on HUKD: 'Vodafone - Mobile Broadband - USB Modem Stick - £39' (found by zermattbusby): This is a good alternative to contract deals. For £39 you get the USB Modem with 1GB of data and you can top up at any time for £15 per GB. Download speeds of 3.6 Mbps. Covers 80% of the UK. No contract. No monthly bills. Reader Mumbojumbo says that the selling point here is that the data allowance has no expiry date, meaning you can continue to use it after 1 month if you still have bandwidth. Yay.  Quidco users get £10 cashback. The deal is currently on the Vodafone website. Deal from [Vodafone] '3 Pay As You Go Mobile Broadband only £29.99 at Maplin' (found by tryptase): Original price of £49.99, a saving of £20. Sale price available until 14/04/2009. For this price you get the USB self-installing dongle and can top up when you need mobile broadband. Compatible with both PCs and Macs. 91% population coverage. Typical download speeds of 1Mbps to 1.5Mbps and up to 2.8Mbps in HSPDA areas (3G+). No contract required.

Tips: Free delivery for orders over £35 (or £2.99 for delivery). Reader decron says that she works all over the country, from Birmingham, Plymouth, London, Portsmouth, Poole, and Reading. She has never had an issue with coverage.

Deal from [Maplin]'O2 Pay and Go Mobile Broband £29.35 for dongle - Then £2 for Top Up' (found by Pep77): This deal caught my eye due to the flexibility of the top up. You can buy either daily, weekly or monthly top ups with prices starting from £2 which gives you 500 MB and unlimited access to 6100 Wi Fi UK hotspot locations for 24 hours. This article from The Guardian states that O2 has 'slashed the cost... from an off-putting £99 to a more palatable £29.99.' Benefits include: PC & Mac compatibility, and a 30 day happiness guarantee. Plug & Play installation and connection speeds up to 3.6Mbps. Reader Pep77 suggests that there is the possibility of cashback from Quidco to. [O2]


  • Joff
    I got the Vodafone deal a few months ago thanks to a tip on here, but I'm tempted by the O2 offer too as a lot of the places I visit use The Cloud. Hmm, decisions decisions...
  • En
    I just got the 3 pay as you go dongle for £22.00 at in their sale. I was tempted with the vodaphone offer but they do not cover my area well.
  • SJT
    and what about if you want a contract? I was looking at the voda £15/mo, £90 topcashback - ie £7.50/mo

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