Superfast 1Gbps broadband on the way, as and when BT agrees

fujitsu-logoOn paper, it looks like an audacious but perfectly plausible goal - Fujitsu have joined forces with Virgin Media, TalkTalk and Cisco to deliver next generation internet services to five million homes in rural Britain.

Fujitsi's proposal for 1Gbps fibre optic network - which would have the capacity to increase to 10 Gbps - would provide "an opportunity for any community or local authority looking to access a proportion of the £530 million earmarked by the UK Government to drive investment in superfast broadband in rural communities." It's been described as an alternative to BT Openreach and would be available to all ISPs rather than just those partnering up for the project.

All in all, it's good news for the UK and sure to see the country boldly march into a future of super fast broadband services. Yeah! Yeah? Um, no, not just yet. See, there's a single line of worrying small print in Fujitsu's press release:

"The plans rely on the remedy imposed by the regulator Ofcom, on BT Openreach, to provide access to its underground ducts and telegraph poles on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory terms."

So the plans rely on BT being happy with a major competitor using BT's own infrastructure to rob BT of market share. We're sure there'll be no issues with that.

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  • M4RKM
    The sooner the better. BT are only rolling out 40meg broadband over fibre, so for Fujitsu to say thehy can do 1Gbps, is something that will give them a kick up the arse. Hopefully. I'm trying so hard not to be negative here... c'mon BT, my 1.5 meg is pitiful....
  • millest
    erm surely this line: The plans rely on the remedy imposed by the regulator Ofcom shows that the plans rely on ofcom and their decision on if to enforce it or not, not BT actions? so the headlines a bit misleading surely? personally i think opening any network or technology service up to outside parties for hands on work is a bad idea, differening working practices, strategies and down right carlessness and sabotage would be prevelant. Besides dont see virgin offering to open up their network any time soon!
  • Alexis
    Shouldn't everybody just be concentrating on getting 20 odd meg to everybody?
  • Paul S.
    Millest - in context of the full quote, I read that (as did other blogs) to mean that Ofcom has passed the decision to BT to agree access and fair terms, rather than Ofcom deciding and imposing the decision on BT - I don't see how Ofcom could do that in a commercial context.
  • Confused
    Wha? No Paul. What Ofcom has said is that the BT must provide access, and they must be fair terms. If they are not fair, then Fujistsu can complain to Ofcom. But that would take time for them to reach a decision, and Fujistu probably couldn't be arsed, and so may give up. That's what it is about.
  • Paul S.
    Yes, Ofcom isn't imposing specific terms on BT, and has left it to BT to agree them. I've tweaked the headline, but I was there with you.
  • Jeebus
    Meh, I've had it in Seoul for years.
  • Chris
    21CN is still the better way to go at the moment. It has a better chance of reaching more people! I really can't see the need for 1Gpbs broadband in 2011...I can see the possible need for it in the future but not now.
  • bittertraveller
    @chris By the time this actually rolls out it will be x number of years/decades in the future. I really doubt it will turn out to be 1Gbps. My 8Mbps chuggs along at 3 at the moment. Much worse match to bteween service I pay for vs actual than I've had living elsewhere.

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