Sunday Express blunder lets you write the news

A little light-hearted fun for your Sunday afternoon courtesy of the Express, because whoever designed their website hasn't connected the plumbing correctly. For example, if you type:

You'll see an error message, because while the statement might be factually accurate, there's no such page on the website. Not so with the Sunday Express, because their directory ignores any text entered after the address. So try typing:

And it'll take you to a page with that URL:

Somebody's bound to turn up at work tomorrow morning and fix it, so why not spend this wintery afternoon dreaming up fictitious web pages for the Sunday Express? We've heard they'll turn the best examples into genuine stories.


  • Juankerr
    Erm.. this is really a non-story.
  • LOlcat
    Or for even more fun (as an existing website isn't needed) why not type something funny into the address bar and take a print screen of that! here's one I tried just now
  • Liddle m.
    Love the headlines - hope most see you taking the piss out of prejudice rather than reinforcing it...
  • DF
    There was a far better exploit - and story - about's web-based failings. You could put up any story you liked, and it appeared to be on the site itself. Some enterprising prankster used it to declare Steve Jobs dead.
  • andy y.
    Bitterwallet has no hates everyone
  • Amanda H.
  • Amanda H.
  • Amanda H.!-New-Bank-Holiday-created!
  • Callum
    So it doesn't let you write the news then...
  • Chris
    hey look! I made up a name and typed it into the address bar. I just made a website! so how is this a blunder and how do I write the news?
  • Tom
    Oh sshhh, its ment to be a mild joke! People take things too seriously
  • chrisg
  • ste
    My first attempt
  • ste
  • chrisg
    Hours of fun.
  • Paul
    The Daily Mail is exactly the same. Noticed that a few days ago.
  • jah
    Oh come on. Fix your home ground before complaining about others...
  • Andy D.
    Give that man a big fat imaginary prize.
  • Andrew B.
    This would be more entertaining if the site actually incorporated the text you added. You do occasionally see that.
  • bernard b.
    Ever heard of mod rewrite? Obviously not
  • mark
    LOL why do some people get so upset about it? Is it meant to be a news story or technical piece or just a bit of fun?
  • Aaron
  • Amanda H.
    (My Jade Goody one was the best) Everyone has to have a dream.
  • Andrew B.
    @bernard bumhead: Thanks for that spectacular technical insight.
  • Mike

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