Sky Broadband Base customers forced to pay from March

If you've enjoyed free broadband from Sky for the past couple of years, the honeymoon is over. A letter has been sent to customers using Sky Broadband, notifying them that the monthly cost will increase by £5 from 1st March next year.

If you use Sky Broadband Base, you currently pay nothing, so a fiver a month works out to be a rise of infinite per cent. Outrageous. Sky has the answer though - sign up for Sky's phone subscription service Sky Talk Freetime... for free! Then you'll get broadband for free, or if you use the Mid or Max broadband packages, you won't pay an extra £5 a month.

So what's in it for Sky? Why are they offering you free broadband and a free call package? Because they'd really quite like it if you'd also signed up to Sky Talk line rental through them, too. The letter claims it's cheaper than BT (£10 per month vs £11.75 a month) and half-price for the first six months.

So, to recap: if you use Sky Broadband, you need to sign up for Sky Talk Freetime for free to avoid a £5 increase from March. You don't have to sign up to Sky Talk line rental to get the deal, but the cynic might think that a) they'll start charging for Sky Talk Freetime in the near future unless you sign up for the line rental, and b) signing up to all three services means prices of any one service can be tweaked to increase revenues without anyone getting too upset; if you've everything tied up through Sky, you're less likely to to move to another provider.

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