Sky Anytime+ is coming... but not for everyone

sky_logo Yes, we know this one has been floating around for a day or so but we were away for most of yesterday on a team-bonding session where the boss put us in a wind tunnel for five hours while blasting us with hot mashed turnip. To be honest, we needed it.

Anyhow, it concerns Sky and the latest, forthcoming upgrade of their Anytime service. Called Anytime+, it’ll work on a Sky+HD box that is connected to the net and viewers will be able to download and watch from more than 1,000 hours of content from an array of channels. All of the content will be in SD form.

Sky reckon that with a 2MB connection, a 90-minute film will be available to start watching in streaming form in less than a minute or downloaded to store on your Sky+ box in about 40 minutes once the new service is up and running later in the year.

The catch (and it’s a pretty hefty catch) is that upon launch, Anytime+ will only be available to viewers who ALSO subscribe to the Sky Unlimited Broadband package. Clever, spoilsporting bastards.

Now then, how does one go about removing dried turnip from one's eyeballs...?


  • John S.
    The only reason I have SKY is because they're the only LLU provider in my area. Anytime+ sounds like a good idea since Anytime is fucking worthless as it is, I bet they charge more per month for it though the cunts.
  • andy y.
    Can you get cunts on Sky Anytime?Mine is all Hitler programmes and Playhouse Disney
  • Klingelton
    JML dried turnip remover. If you sign up to that thing on hotukdeals, they might choose you as a test subject and you'd get it for free.
  • andy y.
    Mind you Hitler was a bit of one.Especially with that tach. Oh yeah and the Jewish thing and Stalingrad
  • Klingelton
  • honky w.
    think of all them nature documentaries!
  • James D.
    I'd rather torrent it than let the sky live like lords.
  • RazorD
    Without being way too geeky and ruining the story, the requirement of Sky Broadband is actually pretty smart. It means they can use an internet protocol called multicast to provide some of the streaming, and thus save a whole bunch of money and bandwidth from their servers.
  • IfYouCopyMyNameYouAreGayIsGay
    2mb in 40 mins? That equals roughly 480mb per film. Thats considerably less than low quality divx. My eyes would bleed.
  • james d.
    you could only use multicast to stream the same thing to multiple people at the same time. If they are doing individual on demand downloads multicast will be no help. However since this is on their own LLU network they can handle the traffic better, probably moving this traffic to the lowest priority allowing a greater control of the allocation of bandwidth to prevent adversely affecting other web users.
  • Geek
    2MB p/s * (40 min*60 sec) = 4.8 GB
  • bass
    2==actually 2mb connection means 2048/8 = 256kb/s so 256*40*60 = 600mb normal ish divx quality
  • IfYouCopyMyNameYouAreGayIsGay
    @geek 2Mb = 2megabits, not 2megabytes. You fucking plank.
  • another p.
    @Geek..... You truely are not a geek otherwise you would know the difference between 2MB and 2Mb.... FFS.... Amateurs!!
  • IfYouCopyMyNameYouAreGayIsGay
    @bass Take into account bandwidth overheads (check bits, packet headers, everything else) and everything else, and you'll pretty much never see actual data transfers more than 200-210kb/s. Anybody else fancy trying to be clever?
  • Geek C.
    2MB connection should actually read 2Mbps, which is more like 250kb/s. 250kb/s x 60secs x 40mins / 1024bits = 586MB. Which is about half the quality that you'd need to make it watchable.
  • Nobby
    > 250kb/s x 60secs x 40mins / 1024bits = 586MB. > Which is about half the quality that you’d need to make it watchable. So they could market it as HD (Half Definition).
  • -]
    IfYouCopyMyNameYouAreGayIsGay : Try being clever in future, if you wanna pull others up on it. Overheads of a fifth? 20%? ru on druqs? Gi' ya head a wobble, kid.
  • The B.
    Or you could just download it in MKV format and watch it at your leisure.
  • IfYouCopyMyNameYouAreGayIsGay
    @-] Try it. If you can download at near 256kb/sec on a 2Mb connection, I guarantee the universe will eat itself. The average 2Mb connection will not ever download much faster than 210Kb/sec. 220 at a push. I'm with The Real Bob anyway, so its all a pretty shit point. MKV ftw.
  • Wonky H.
    A good way of removing dried turnip from one’s eyeballs is to get a forest dwelling mammal to lick them.
  • dunfyboy
    Anytime is pish. Uses up my HDD space with crappy documentaries and film I can't even watch as I don't subscribe to the movies channels. Anytime+ will just be pish+.
  • -]
    I don't need to test it, on a 2mbit connection I get ~237KB/sec via ftp. 50+kb overhead is just a joke, Check out the RFCs for TCP/IP.
  • -]
    Also, mkv is just a container, if you REALLY want to be clever. h264 ftw.
  • Ten B.
    [...] Sky Anytime+ is coming… but not for everyone [...]
  • Youngyy
    How many people have their router next to their TV/Sky+HD box? Are they going to provide wireless dongle for the sky box, or powerline adapters?
  • Drizzler
    Youngyy! I have my WL router next to my Freesat box. It's awesome and I don't need to pay Sky anything!
  • Karl
    Chat InformationWelcome to Sky Live Chat Service. A Sky Advisor will be with you shortly. Chat InformationYou are now connected with David. David: Hello, you're chatting with David, a Sky advisor, may I take your name please? You: Karl. I want to upgrade to Sky HD, but I have just noticed your Anytime+ service will only work with sky broadband customers, is this correct?? David: The anytime+ is a trial so far, have sky contacted you previously about this? You: no, I have read it is due out later this year, however, if I upgrade and pay an additional £10 p/m - I would expect to have full functionality. You: despite the fact I am not a sky broadband customer David: Sorry, I've only been given this information so far. Could I ask where you read this? Was it a sky source i.e, a sky magazine? You: ; ; How do I get Sky Anytime+? Sky Anytime+ is available at no extra cost to your existing Sky TV subscription. To access Sky Anytime+, you'll need a Sky+HD box and a Sky Broadband subscription in a Sky network area. Then, simply connect your box and router together by choosing the connectivity option that best suits you (set-up fees may apply). For the latest news, register here. David: Thanks Karl, As that statement reads, you do need sky broadband You: why as a customer can I not connect it wirelessly to my existing ISP, and not be forced into having broadband with you?? David: I understand Karl, as it's an exclusive sky product, we are only comfortable in providing it through our own broadband service at the moment David: Whether this will change is time is undecided You: so in that case, i would assume as I would not get full functionallity - and penalised for not being a Sky BB user, I would get a discount on the HD subsription. David: No, we ask customers to subcribe to sky broadband if they want anytime+, we cannot be held responsible if the customer doesn't want to do this. You: is this not unfair trading & monopolising of the market!! David: I can see your viewpoint, but what if we advertised the anytime+ product, if the customer is with a 3rd party broadband company and they have technical problems with anytime+, we couldn't cure it. David: If the broadband is with sky, we have full control of the problem so there will be nothing left unresolved. David: I believe this is our stance at the moment You: technical problems with anytime+ will never be able to be rectified by an ISP, it is purely delivering the connectivity to the anytime+ service - it is the same as you provide me with my phone bill, but the line is with BT!! David: I can appreciate you're upset. I can only voice the companies viewpoint, sorry You: as for the box, I would've wanted a sky+HD box - but what are the advantages to me getting this service early!? I wouldnt want to go from fibre optic High Speed Broadband to phone line / exchange service limited broadband, which would in fact be better for the ammount of media on the anytime+ service!! David: I see, would you like the phone number for sales? I admit it would take longer than sunday to do, with today being thursday, we tend to need a weeks notice You: no thankyou, I am disapointed that to take full functionality of a service I would be paying £61 p/m I would be rail roaded into taking an additional Sky Broadband & a Sky/BT Landline. David: Thank you for chatting with me today. We really value your feedback. Please click the button marked "End Chat" at the top right of this chat window to answer a few questions about your experience with us today. Have a really good day
  • Lostbhoy
    Why does everyone have to moan about anything and everything? If you want the Anytime+ service, get it, if you don't then don't, no one is forcing you. If you don't like Sky then fuck off to Virgin and stop fucking whining like a crowd of little bitches. It's only TV for fuck's sake, go read a book if you get all upset because Sky provide a free service to their customers but you want the benefit of the free service without being a customer. Do you think your poxy internet provider even WANT Sky humping several GB of movies to a few million customers down their network anyway? Just go and fuck yourselves.
  • skysender
    Lostbhoy your a fuckin prick
  • V
    Don't Sky just rent a load of bandwidth and space in LLU cabinets for the last few yards of wire. It's not even cable! Is Sky downloading the anytime+ s/ware to the older HD+ boxes as a firmware update? Also, do I need to have Sky broadband, or will it connect to my current BT broadband? Shouldn't make any difference how the sky box connects to Sky for anytime+ downloads, unless Sky internet acount is needed ( to make sky more money ) as the HD+ box and viewing cardwould do the authorisation? I have a spare new 1Tb HD+ box, would this have teh anytoime+ s/ware on it?
  • hdev
    IT YOU WANT SKY ANYTIME+ YOU HAVE TO CHANGE YOUR BROADBAND PROVIDER TO SKY. I pay over £50 per month to Sky. I already have an excellent fibre optic broadband connection from BT Infinity. Why on earth would I want to change to Sky Broadband? I understand Sky's argument about only providing support for an end-to-end service from file server to sky box via Sky Broadband - but this really does smell like a ripoff. The big thing about any kind of service provided over the internet is that it is meant to be agnostic of the ISP. Sky could fix this quickly by simply stating that it won't provide support if your ISP isn't Sky Broadband. The whole thing sucks.
  • Pinujte, d.
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