Power failure causing major BT broadband shut-out

Bitterwallet - BT - featured BT broadband users are having a bad time of it today, and it’s all thanks to a power failure in Birmingham. Customers in far-reached areas such as Belfast, Edinburgh, Swansea and London are reporting loss of service and have got the hump that inundated BT customer service staff aren’t answering the helpline.

The phone behemoths have just issued the following statement:

“We can confirm that, as a result of a power failure at one of our major exchanges, some customers may currently be experiencing loss of broadband service.

Our engineers are on-site and the majority of customers' service has already been restored. We are working to restore service to remaining customers as soon as possible this afternoon.

Should any customers continue to experience difficulty in accessing their broadband service, they are advised to turn their Hub or modem off and on again.”

Classic – if in doubt, you should ALWAYS try turning it off and on again…


  • JD
    Well if there broadband business is the same as their landline then here is the kicker. You would need to be out of service past midnight on the 3rd working day of the problem for them to consider any compensation. I needed to use my landline (typically just used for bradband with another provider) the other day and the line was dead (broadband was fine). It took them a day to fix so I said I wanted that 1 days worth of line rental back. As I said above it needs to be 3 working days. God forbid you lose your line over Christmas. You could be without a service for over a week and entitled to nothing. Well at least i can move my landline to another provider! Oh, wait a min.....
  • james D.
    JD if you have and LLU providers in your exchange then you can move your landline to another provider. As for the story itself, yes if in doubt you SHOULD always try turning it off and on again, it's classic because it is true. Why would you call technical support before trying that.
  • Wonkey H.
    An enormous fox burst open my bins last night. So, I phoned my friend Johnny and I said, "WTF - Is dis real"
  • Mel C.
    Might not be related but my BT broadband started to go wrong on Saturday NOT today. I am in Essex. Although I am no expert I do have some technical knowledge and I believe that we may not be hearing the whole story from BT...
  • Johnny
    An enormous fox burst open my buns last night. So, when Wonkey Henry phoned me I trumped him.
  • You've p.
    BT, you heard of UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supplies)? Every enterprise class data centre has them, why not you?
  • james D.
    Yes but UPS just keeps a data centre going till the power comes back on. Maybe they couldn't get the power back for an extended period of time.
  • The B.
    @Wonky - did you mean “WTF – Is dis 4 real?” @james Dewitt - At which point you'd slap a generator on your UPS, turn off all no essential systems and Fanny's yer aunt (because I ain't yer uncle).
  • chris
    BT do have diesel generators at their exchanges. However their primary use will be for keeping phone lines working so that 999 etc can be used
  • Steven
    Given they are a phone company it wasn't very helpful that they couldn't even keep their own automated service status phone number updated and working. But then they are useless as a Broadband supplier as they keep showing.

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