Plusnet - best for customer satisfaction in broadband?

Bitterwallet - USwitch Broadband AwardsNot that we're calling shenanigans, but we rarely see avid Bitterwallet readers raving about their dealings with Plusnet. Despite this, the Sheffield-based internet provider have scooped top prize in the 2011 uSwitch Broadband Customer Satisfaction Awards. They're just like the Oscars, you know.

Plusnet clattered title-holder O2 off the top spot for Best Overall Customer Satisfaction with a score of 90%, and also scooped Best Customer Service, Best Quality of Connection and Most Likely to be Recommended. O2 still won six out of ten possible categories, however, including Best Value for Money and Best Speed Satisfaction. Yes, they somehow managed to segment providing broadband service into ten different categories for their awards.

It wasn't all good news, though - high bills and rubbish service saw the first drop in levels of satisfaction among broadband customers since 2008. The survey of over 7,500 broadband customers identified a decline in the quality of broadband services, with customers scoring their providers far worse this year.

So who scored the worst? Step forward, AOL (who knew?) and take a bow Talk Talk, BT and Orange, all highlighted for both sucking and blowing.

So that's how USwitch called the shots, but what about the nation of avid Bitterwallet readers? Has Plusnet deservedly been crowned king of the hill? Do AOL and Talk Talk really suck that much? Whisper into our shell-like, you magnificent beasts.


  • Nick T.
    That's interesting because when Plusnet took over the ISP provision for the previously-excellent-now-disappeared (prior to that Waitrose used the superb Globalnet) I found them to be utter clots. In fact, I couldn't drop Plusnet fast enough, ironically to switch to O2 who've been pretty good, apart from jacking their monthly bill up 33% in one go.
  • xman
    I've been with plusnet for years and years through various incarnations and have never had the slightest problem with them. I have my phone with them too now. I am having a small war with their support team at the moment but it is a rather outlandish problem so I would not judge them on it. Prices are good and the broadband service has always been fine.
  • Martin
    I found that plusnet continued to bill me 6 months after I had left, despite having moved house and the number for which they claimed they were providing service no longer even being connected. It took 3 calls to find a customer service rep who didn't basically tell me to eff off. So they are 1/3 good I guess.
  • Joanne P.
    Hi xman, If you can give me a ticket reference number I can get it looked at for you. Joanne Pilson. Plusnet Customer Support
  • Nick T.
    Hey Joanne -- you might want to note that when customers call the English-not-first-language call centre to tell them you're moving to another provider, when they instantly offer to negotiate the price and/or increase the allowance it does NOT come across as: "Look at us! We're being really friendly and nice and that!" The message is rather: "Oops, we've been ripping you off and you've rumbled us". Bye.
  • Mark C.
    My Talk Talk TV service went tits up for most of the first three months of the year after they did some sort of shenanigans with the network (though the length of the outage was largely down to me not being that arsed to get it fixed). Their tech support and customer service has improved massively since Tiscali days, though admittedly improving on Tiscal probably didn't take a lot of effort.
  • me
    Plusnet is rubbish but less rubbish than o2 nowadays, O2 went downhill for taking too many customers. I was quoted 7 MB speed by plusnet and then I can get only 3.5 MBS, Complained and the only thing they could do is to blame my wiring and threaten me with the famous: " We can send a BT engineer and they might charge you £150.00" Just waiting for Virgin or Sky to come with a good offer and it will be "bye bye" plusnet.
  • Alan L.
    I've been with plusnet (previously Force9) for 6 years for broadband and 4 for phones. Apart from a recent problem with my line, requiring a full "lift and shift" and link to a new cooper pair which was down to BT Openreach to sort, everything has been great. God know what the hell Nick T is talking about. PlusNet have always had the call centre in Sheffield. That's why I got my friends and family over to them so you don't need to talk someone who cannot speak English. When I moved my Wife's parents over and phoned BT for the MAC code, the Indian call centre wanted a credit card to pay for the code (which is completely free). Called again got to someone in Scotland and was given it immediately. So there's some fraudulent stuff going on there. I know PlusNet are owned by BT but fortunately BT's rubbish service wasn't forced upon them.
  • Alan L.
    @me Internal wiring can be a problem. My microfiltered faceplate failed this week. Swapped it for a new one bought from TLC and my sync speed has dropped by 1.5 meg. I've now bought an ADSL Nation NTE5 Filtered Faceplate to split the signal at the master socket and I've increased my speed by 4 meg. When I had my problems last year, I was warned that i'd be charged if it was internal wiring but the OpenReach engineer said all was OK in the house. The problem is, there are too many factors that can go wrong in networking. One of the Directors at my work left PlusNet last year and switched to Sky. He originally synced at 2.5 mb and now only gets 512k. When complaining to Sky they told him that was the best his line was capable of.
  • Steve
    As you may have guessed from Joanne Pilson's comment, PusNet have their employees search the Internet (especially USENET) to see what their customers are saying about them. Talk about being watched! In my past 4 years experience, PusNet are the biggest shower of ISP c*nts that you could ever imagine. If you have *any* clue, avoid them like the plague.
  • Slacker
    > That’s interesting because when Plusnet took over the ISP provision for the previously-excellent-now-disappeared (prior to that Waitrose used the superb Globalnet) I found them to be utter clots. Yes, they also bought and fucked up the previously excellent Madasfish. It's a pity they spend so much time Googling themselves when they could be solving their customers' problems instead.
  • Slacker
  • bob
    Plusnet, best ISP? When they dish out customer details so openly to scum like ACS:LAW? Yeahhhhh not best in my definition.
  • Me
    @ Alan, thanks for the feedback but I am sure that there's nothing wrong with my wiring as prior to change to plusnet I was with O2 and they estimated 4.5MB and I was actually receiving 4.5 mbs, So that ruled out the wiring issue and also I tried with 2 different routers. To be homens 3.5 mb is more than enough for me to play on line and watch porn.
  • Myrtle
    I've been with Plusnet for several years now, and never had a problem with them. My connection has only played up once, and they couldn't have been more helpful. It also helps that the call centre is UK based, and understand what you're talking about. Plus, as a mac user, they don't get terrified at the mere prospect of speaking to you. I've recommended them to several people, who have all found them to be much better than their previous providers.
  • Rubbish!
    I currently have an issue with As of today I noticed that my bill for unlimited broadband went up by £5 since January. So I called customer services to find out whats going on... it turns out the put the prices up and said they emailed me on 9th December to let me know. I have since checked my emails to find I received nothing from plusnet on that date. I asked if i could cancel and they said I was in contract til June so there will be a £65 cancellation charge because I don't agree with the increase! I asked if I could downgrade to a cheaper option, but I would still be charged the cancellation to downgrade! I total joke that they never informed me, and that they are making out it is my fault that I never received the email. They put up the prices and there is nothing I can do! I have since emailed support to inform them that i have double checked my email and never received it. Will wait and see what they say. Is there not rules about contacts and putting prices up? I thought there was a 30 day cooling off period? Even if I did receive an email on the 9th Dec, between then and Jan is not 30 days! Anyway since i was informed over the phone today. I am taking that as my 30day notice period! Anyway rant over...
  • Slacker
    How long have you worked for them then, Myrtle?
  • bobbierob
    @Rubbish! my advice, submit a FOI request on your account detailing all communications between you since you took the account out. they'll soon start answering your questions properly then.
  • Ten B.
    [...] – best for customer satisfaction in [...]
  • Stu_
    I'm not surprised they're starting to win awards. People who take their internet usage left long ago leaving them with people who know no better (They are of course the easiest people to deal with, won't make a fuss and generally aren't much trouble) O2/Be on the other hand, have ended up with the high usage, highly technical and awkward users.... the fact that O2 have won this award shows far more about what support they offer.
  • Neil H.
    I wonder how many of Plusnet's adoring fans in Market 2 realise that while their packages went up by a £1 in September, new customers were being charged £5 less (and not just for 3 months, either). Fortunately, the generous company will reduce your tariff if you make them aware of the fact. They even let me accrue £50 additional usage charges because I failed to check their upgrade costs, foolishly assuming an upgrade would cost me more (upgrading from Value at £12.99/m to Extra at £11.45/m wasn't what I expected!) Transparency in action? They did explain that it would be impractical to let all of their existing users know of the change in tariff. I mean, someone would need to invent a real-time, social media platform to achieve that level of service. Hey, I've got an idea...I could call it Twitter.
  • Ktoms
    Is this the last posting for plusnet comments. We have just joined this company and are having nothing but problems. we have lost our phone line . we are having intermitten connection to internet.So we are not pleased at all with PLUSNET.Can somebody Help?

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