Orange dilute their home broadband prices, but is it enough?

Bitterwallet - Orange Ultra Magnus thing broadband shizzleOrange has been suffering in the home broadband stakes recently, losing market share to the likes of Talk Talk and Sky, and they're not going to take it anymore. The service provider has revamped the packages available to existing and standalone customers, which include promises of up to 20Mbps service. Hurrah? Meh.

The Home Starter package includes the now legendary unlimited allowance (subject to fair use, naturally), plus router, inclusive evening and weekend calls to all UK landlines and costs £7 for existing customers, £10 per month for customers not already with Orange. There's then a Home Select package followed by the Home Max deal, and then you reach Home Ultra which throws in inclusive anytime UK calls, free international calls from £13.50 per month plus £10.50 line rental for non-mobile customers, and £10.50 per month and £10.50 line rental for Orange mobile users. The Home Max package is free for the first three months, although you do have to pay line rental. All the permutations can be found on Orange's website.

Our previous complaints with Orange aside, this really doesn't look that appealing. The deals are mediocre at best (or landline minutes really such an incentive anymore?), especially when you throw in the fact that you're expected to sign an 18 month contract for your trouble. There's also the small but not insignificant fact that speeds of up to 20Mbps are barely available in two thirds of the UK - of course other services face similar limitations, but is any of this enough to make you switch broadband providers or migrate from your current mobile provider?

Orange could afford to push some very attractive deals if it wanted to reclaim their faded telecom crown, especially considering their upcoming, high profile iPhone launch. For now, they're not really offering a whole lot of much to retain customers or attract new. I'm out.


  • Dan
    It also looks like Orange may have taken their LLU kit out of about 150 exchanges, mine included. If they send me an email saying, sorry you're going to have to pay an extra £10 a month 'cos we've re-bundled your exchange, this should be a breech of terms and contract.
  • The B.
    Breech? Were Orange born upsdie down then?
  • The B.
    Or even upside down, criticise someone and then make the same mistake making yourself look like a prime cunt (again). Ah well.
  • Joe B.
    It's about time OFCOM pulled rank on this "Unlimited" bullshit that most ISP'd spew when in reality it's usually anything but. 99% of the time you will find your connection traffic managed if you download as little as 1Gb per day. With some ISP's it's even less than that. FUP's are the biggest con in the internet market. It's counterproductive to market ADSL2 speeds when all you're prepared to deliver is a 512k service. Shoot them all imho.
  • Pizza_D_Action
    O2 Broadband, FTW!!!
  • Deejay
    Landline minutes are still an incentive, as VOIP phones are shite!
  • A P.
    I had the misfortune of living in a house with a Wanadoo (now Orange) broadband connection. A complete shower of shit of a service and a company. Wouldn't touch Orange again.
  • Osarkon
    Having fallen foul of Orange's fair usage policy, my speed has been crippled to dial up speeds in peak times (6 to midnight) for the last 3 months, because I downloaded 44.5gb back between april and may. I got a nice letter yesterday informing me of the good news that I've behaved and now they'll put my speed back up. Hurrah. Unfortunately their supplied router is on the blink, and I avoid ringing their 'technical support' like their plague as it's all based abroad and the staff are just reading from a script.
  • Little W.
    [...] Orange dilute their home broadband prices, but is it enough … [...]

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