Online BT customers could be getting free YouView

Bitterwallet - YouView Remember the YouView thing from a couple of months ago? Streaming catch-up TV via a box that’ll set you back £299? Yeah, we were all over that one weren’t we.

Well, if you’re a BT Broadband and/or Infinity customer, you can get one of these magical gizmos for FREE – well, apart from a £56 activation fee that includes delivery. Also, you’ll need to have seen out your initial 12 month BT contract (meaning that signing up now in order to get a YouView box will be a no-no).

Deliveries will kick off from 26th October. Talk Talk are also involved in the YouView consortium and their own possibly cack-handed offering is looming as well. Welcome to the future…


  • Nikey H.
    Do you still need a TV license ?
  • whatever
  • Avon B.
    Woo! Free YouView! Next.
  • wotever
    No need for a TV license if it your not watching broadcast TV....
  • notever
    wotever said: "No need for a TV license if it your not watching broadcast TV…." Wrong, the BBC gives money to various other broadcasters online organisations and wrote Internet streaming into the license wording a few years ago. Which means that if you have access to one of those "free" services (Iplayer, ITVplayer, Skygo 4 & 5 ondemand, VirginMedia etc) or even the BBC's basic website then you need a license. The implication means if you have an Internet connection then you need to purchase a Colour TV license, irrespective of whether you own a TV or not.
  • Natty
    @notever How wrong is that, put simply if you watch live broadcasts then you need a TV Licence anything else then you do not.
  • Dick
    @notever You are so wrong. You need a licence for LIVE streaming only. You do not need a license to read the BBC website, in the same way you do not need a licence to listen to the radio.

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