Ofcom to make things slightly trickier for comms providers. Only slightly mind you...

23 July 2010


Plenty of mobile phone customers have grievances against their mobile provider – we should know, we’ve stirred up a few over the past year or so.

Now, Ofcom have insisted that communications (phone and broadband) customers are to be better informed about what their options are when they get the hump over charges, network coverage, service levels and all the other stuff that regularly pisses off phone users.

From next year, dispute resolution information will have to be included on all paper bills. Additionally, any customer who has not had their complaint resolved within eight weeks will be written to by their mobile provider and informed of their right to use a dispute resolution service.

Statistics show that last year, 77% of consumers who failed to resolve complaints with their phone and broadband provider after 12 weeks weren’t aware of a dispute resolution service.

Ofcom also say that when customers whose complaints weren’t resolved after 12 weeks turned to dispute resolution, 91% of complaints were resolved, compared to 51% when resolution wasn't used.

One day, Ofcom will surely station an officer outside every home in the land, for us to moan and groan at when something goes wrong. That day cannot be far away now...


  • coversnail
    Bit of a typo in your second to last sentence, presume you meant "compared to 51% when resolution WASN'T used"
    • Andy D.
      Thanks coversnail!
  • Yue
    That's a terrible photo of Lily Allen's Dad.
  • Alexis
    We got £500 compensation from BT because if their incompetence.
  • Andy247
    The notification of dispute resolution if the complaint isn't resolved within 8 weeks has been in force for months. It was introduced around the same time as OFCOM's General Condition 23 so you won't have to wait until next year for that. Although if you've had to wait 8 weeks that's already a sign you're not getting very far!
  • Mr T.
    @yue You're mistaken, it's a photo of your mum.
  • The B.
    Keith Allen's starting to look more and more like his daughter every day.
  • Mr G.
    Who the hell gets paper bills these days? Mine usually come engraved on a housebrick and "posted" through the living room window.

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