Ofcom not impressed with Britain's broadband

9 December 2014

The Internet, yesterday
The Internet, yesterday

Ofcom aren't too impressed with the UK's fixed broadband connections. Even though they're pleased that they are now "almost universally available" throughout Britain, it is the download speeds that they're not best pleased with.

The say that average download speeds are 23 Mbps in their (obviously fascinating) report on the UK's telecoms infrastructure, but they weren't happy that 3% of premises don't even have basic broadband (which is around 2Mbps) and 15% can't receive 10Mbps, which is the typical requirement for a normal household in 2014.

It's all very patchy and there's a big gap between the maximum and minimum download speeds with some places receiving a piddling 0.1Mbps while others get 350Mbps. Basically, there's around four million households that still don't have access to superfast broadband.

You can add the 'FirstWorldProblems' hashtag in that last sentence if you like.

This is something the government need to take heed of because they're aiming to deliver superfast broadband to 95% of UK premises by 2017, so they should get a wriggle on.

Ofcom have decided to make an interactive map so you can see what your access to broadband is like, as well as TV and mobile services.

Have a look here.

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  • Simon
    They should look at BT's Fibre rollout too. I'm less than 1km from my exchange but can't get Fibre broadband even though the exchange was enabled over 12 months ago. Why? because I'm on an 'exchange' line :(

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