Ofcom launches broadband map of the UK

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Ofcom has created an interactive map of UK broadband, which initially appears to highlights just what a mixed bag of services you can expect. The data is plotted by authority, and allows the user to display by speed, take-up and availability.

Services appear to vary massively within a few miles; if you live in Brighton you're likely to have a super-charged broadband service, but head east and you may as well send postcards. Actually, the map may be a little misleading since all the sample areas vary in size and are displaying averages; a small, urban area is always likely to show better numbers compared to a large rural area. Smaller towns within a large rural area are likely to have access to better services but they'll be averaged out across the largely unpopulated region.

Still, while we expect the highlands of Scotland and Wales to be lacking in broadband capability, much of the east coast from Kent northwards also seems barren - but again, there'll be a distortion caused by the averaging out of services across large areas. Anyway, it's only Norwich after all, isn't it?


  • Bibre F.
    Yes, a bit misleading (!) I live far down in the Southwest, and although we have a lot of rural areas without broadband, we were the UK's test area for early highspeed internet, plus Fibre and 4G phone networks!
  • Delenn
    Good idea, but the area is too wide to be of any use. In this country, we have too little real choice, low speeds and faults that Openreach will not fix, even though they admit there is a problem. Welcome to the slow lane.
  • The B.
    As the other two have stated, a ridiculous coverage are making the whole thing utterly misleading, it'd need to be broken down at least at the Outcode level to be useful, but then that's Ofcom for you, they've probably spend £5 million and 3 years working on that map.
  • Alexis
    Utterly pointless. The flat I used to live in got 8Mb. 1.5 miles away I can only get 4Mb. This is simply because of the distances to the exchange - I am now 1.5 miles further from it. At work, 3 miles away, I get 20Mb because I am across the road from an exchange. So what am I supposed to do with the information that the whole of Salford gets an average of 9.1Mb??
  • Mark C.
    As everyone says, way to0 vague to be remotely useful. I live in London and am lucky to scrape above 2Mb due to distance from the exchange, yet my folks, who live in the 'barren' East get excellent service.
  • Dick
    @Alexis, well you could wank over it knowing it is better than Wales.
  • Speedy
    one thing this doesn't tell you is who actually owns what. My exchange is in central London. Except for Cable (can't get in my block of flats) or a BT piggy backed/based product (expensive) I have 9 LLU (non BT phone BB equipemt provider) according to samknows 8 are now Talk Talk (& companies taken over by Talk Talk) the other is SKY. So in 4 years I've gone from a chioce of 9 providers to 2.
  • Cheshire m.
    I live in cheshire and get 16mb disgrace it dropped 3mb when I moved 0.5 mile down the road woe is me what is one to do !!!

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