O2's mobile broadband drops to 2GB, customers pay the same price

Bitterwallet - O2 FAILBack in June, O2 announced a raft of changes to their data tariffs - any customers taking out a new contract or upgrading after June would be subject to the reduced data allowance from 1 October, but would continue to receive unlimited data until that time.

However, there were also changes made to the mobile broadband tariffs and customers are far less happy about how O2 has handled themselves.

Avid Bitterwallet reader Roy and several others have emailed to point out that whereas the pay monthly contract used to mean 3GB for £15, customers are now getting just 2GB for the same price. But what's really upset Roy and other readers, is that O2 suddenly claimed the 3GB allowance was a promotional price too. Says Roy:

"I have used it since it came out and it has always been 3GB for £15. This was never a promotional amount, unless it was a promotion that lasted for two years.

"O2 have downgraded the service to 2GB for the same price and stated it was a promotion, and now that claim has disappeared from the site - as if it was always 2GB.  So new customers are not aware, only long term current ones will have noticed that they downgraded it, and O2 have stated that it was a promotional amount, when it never was."

Because Roy has a rolling 30 day contact, O2 can change the terms by giving appropriate notice. Still, dressing up their standard service as a promotion so thy can justify downgrading it is very poor form - especially since their "promotion" will have encouraged new customers to take up the service. Hopefully customers will make good use of that 30 days' notice period.


  • O2 F.
    Ever since O2 screwed over iPhone 4 customers with their reduced allowances and stupidly low "unlimited" internet allowance, I've been a firm believer that they are the anti-christ. They're a terrible company, which shovel shit into the faces of their long standing customers. Needless to say, I won't return to their grasps, ever.
  • PaulH
    Yeah they're pretty gash!
  • jsoap
    Called O2 about their home phone package which seems to offer all calls and line rental for the same price as BT's rental. The nice chap at the other end asked "What do you you use the internet for?". After I stopped laughing, he explained that I would need to switch my broadband to the new tarrifs. So I'd have to pay more for the same speed, 20GB capped service, vs my current un-capped service. Bye. Things appear to be going badly wrong with this company.
  • qwertyuiop
    I really admire how mobile providers are suddenly getting a lot more brash with, quite frankly shoddy business practices. Does this country even have a 'clean' provider anymore, or must we put up with bucketfuls of shit where ever we turn?

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