O2 readying 4G mobile internet trial. In London, obviously

o2logo_mediacentre 4G mobile internet is coming, with a large-scale public trial about to take to the airwaves! And where will this trial take place? The Isle Of Mull? Stockton-On-Tees? Tenby? No! It’ll be in That London of course!

It’s all been cooked up by O2 and will cover a 15 square mile area of the nation’s stinking capital, including such areas of misery as Canary Wharf, Soho, Westminster, South Bank and Kings Cross. The trial will last for nine months and the masts, of which there will be in excess of 25, will form the basis of O2’s network proper when it kicks off in 2013 (hopefully).

But the trial won’t be available to anyone and everyone. The Guardian are reporting that about 1,000 users will be invited to join in, including (for some reason) staff at John Lewis department stores, O2 customers and selected small businesses. Also, the trial will be restricted to laptops and certain tablets, as special dongles will be required to access the 4G signal. At the moment, mobile phones are unable to handle its thrusting majesty, capable of speeds of up to 150 megabits per second.

When 4G is introduced nationally the average speeds are likely to drop to between 10Mbps and 15Mbps. However, the auction for the 4G spectrum probably won’t take place until late 2012, with some squabbling over T-Mobile and Orange’s combined Everything Everywhere network waiting to be resolved.


  • The B.
    " including such areas of misery as Canary Wharf" Too true, what scares the living hell out of me is you get tourists taking photos of Canary Wharf, why? Go and look at decent London, not this hell hole.
  • Brad
    Cant do 3G properly so sort that out first you swine's
  • Mark
    LTE isn't true 4G, more like 3G and a bit.
  • Christopher R.
    I agree with Brad, their 3g coverage is pathetic! Good to see they are investing money in the right areas...
  • holidays l.
    Makes sense, mobile providers in the U.S. have embrace 4G. To remain current and competitive 4G is the next position that any mobile company should undertake. villas in st Lucia
  • Charlie
    what 4g is coming ? i think 3g is not implemented fully and 4g is coming 3g service is pathetic i felt 2g better than 3g ...
  • stephanie
    i have used 3g its awesome i think 4g will be definitely better.. wish you guys all the best...

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