O2 comfortable winners of best broadband survey

Bitterwallet - O2 will unlock the iPhone What could be nicer for you all late on a Friday afternoon than the results of some survey or other for you to argue the toss over into the weekend? Nothing, that’s what.

The survey in question has been carried out by uSwitch and is the fancy-sounding 2010 Broadband Customer Satisfaction Report. The runaway winner (drum roll) is… O2.

92 per cent of O2’s customers said they were satisfied with the service they receive with Plusnet coming in second place. By comparison, Orange languished at the bottom of the list with a crappy 44 per cent satisfaction rating.

If you’re looking to make the switch, now’s the time to do it – today is the last day for the offer we featured last week that can get you three months free and a chunk of cashback if you sign up to O2. 944 degrees of HotUKDeals heat can’t be wrong…


  • Timmo
  • Tom P.
    Paul Smith needs to flick the switch to "ON" for the "Calling customer services" article.
  • cookie
    Timmo, that really isn't funny anymore.
  • DirtyPixel
    Had 18 months of good service from them until they rolled out their pathetic 'Access' package, crippled P2P users and throttled bandwidth for 18 hours a day taking me back to dial-up speeds. They didn't even ATTEMPT to keep my custome when I called to cancel. Jumped ship to Plusnet and can't praise them enough. Guess I'm of the 8% who though O2 Broadband to be utter bollocks then.
  • Angry S.
    Same here. Access is bloody awful, but today is the day I leave! Yipee! All this survey tells me is that O2 is marginally less crap than a lot of other provides who are nearly as crap.
  • PaulH
    Awesome service...ror
  • dunfyboy
    Cookie, it never was, but now Timmo can feel part of the gang. Obviously fills a void in his life. As for O2, it's a shame they, along with Plusnet and all the others, just cherry pick the busiest exchanges.
  • Upthorpe
    We have an unbundled exchange here and O2 has been faultless. As I've got an O2 PAYG phone its £7.50 a month as well - I was paying over £20 with Demon for a slower speed. At that price I would put up with occasional bad service, but there really hasn't been any.
  • bwah h.
    O2 is awesome with me for P2P. I never seem to get throttled.
  • (jah) w.
    Have Be* (who o2 bought out) suffered the same? They were the best isp in the uk, 24mbit down, 2.5mbit up, £20 a month and you could download terabytes a month before they claimed you were going overboard and using too much bandwidth. A shame if they've gone the same way, but after being bought by o2 it isn't surprising.
  • 3dtv
    I have 02, and my p2p downloads routinely peak at over 1mbit per second. So definitely no throttling going on there.
  • tfeb
    I have O2 Broadband and cant complain at all really. Ok speeds considering distance from exchange.
  • Timi A.
    Frankly, I have never had poorer broadband service. O2 has not worked properly for one singe day. It cuts out every 2 minutes and sometimes stays off for 10 minutes or more. This has been the case since I got O2 broadband 6 months ago and they have not found the solution to the problem. Each time I call it is like starting all over again. Same questions, no solution. And if I attempt to leave they threaten to charge me for the unused portion of my contract even though their service has never, ever worked. Use O2 at you own risk.

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