More home broadband increases, this time from BE

Bitterwallet - BE Home BroadbandSo O2 are giving their home broadband packages a shake in terms of their pricing (with several readers complaining about new packages suffering from traffic management and download limits). Next up is BE, which is also announcing changes to their home broadband services.

Bitterwallet reader Martin received this from BE earlier today:

We're writing with some news about your 40GB BE Value package - as of 31 March 2011, we are withdrawing this product. We're sorry for any inconvenience this will cause, but we have a few options below that we hope will suit you.

You can:

• Do nothing, and automatically be upgraded to the standard BE Value package with no usage limit at the price of 14.08 pounds a month. This will give you unlimited usage instead of your current 40GB cap, and potential speeds up to 12 meg rather than 8 meg.

• Contact us to cancel your service without any penalties, even if you are still in your minimum term; our team will be able to provide you a MAC code to move to another provider.

It's no surprise that BE are also making changes to home broadband, since they're owned by O2. And of course it'd not really unlimited usage, because it's subject to a now-legendary Fair Usage Policy.

What is interesting, is the number of readers looking to switch to Sky, and bundling their home broadband into their existing monthly package - for the sake of both cost and convenience. Lighter users (who are existing Sky customers) can have Sky Broadband for free, while their unlimited package is £7.50 - almost half the price of what BE Broadband's new value package will cost.


  • tits
    i'm looking at going back to sky too :( but don't want freetime...oh well...
  • Martin B.
    Thinking about going to Sky as I quite fancy the Anytime+ thing you get with SkyHD.
  • John B.
    The horror, having to pay 14 quid for actual unlimited, non traffic shaped internet. Yeah, BE do have a "fair use" policy, but none of the people I know on BE have ever hit their limit. Hundreds of GB's a month, and not a single peep. If you want to rile against providers, do it against the ones that are crippling your torrent downloads, or ones that cap you if you download a few GB at the wrong time of day (Hi, virgin adsl). Save a few pennies and go to any of the other providers, if 14 quid really is that much.
  • Gary
    This post fails! BE Broadband are the best ISP iv used in about 10 years! You've basically just said, 1) BE are cheap, 2) BE never tell you off for hitting a download cap 3) BE are owned by O2. My response... 1) There's a problem with that? 2) Same as reply to 1. 3) Same as reply to 2! The only reason people would switch to Sky are to get there extra TV channels and not care as much about gaming!! What a lame post!
  • Paul S.
    That'd be me, then. I don't torrent or bother with online gaming. I'll be the only one, then.

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