Meep Meep! Road runner-speed broadband approaching

Broadband faster than a blazing comet with a rocket up its jacksie is another step nearer today after BT’s new 100Mpbs, Ultra-Fast network was approved by Ofcom.

The green light for the roll-out will mean that BT can now crack on with the laying of fibre optic cable that will make the dream a reality and dwarf Virgin Media’s current 50Mbps cable speed.

But it won’t be cheap – the project will cost roughly £1.5 billion over three years and BT are permitted to make a profit from leasing out its lines to other ISPs once it’s all up and running.

So, we predict a future filled with offers of 100Mpbs broadband that in truth only delivers about 30Mbps unless you live within spitting distance of a local exchange, and all for a monthly charge of £50. Hope we’re wrong though.

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  • -=Mike H.
    Cool, now I can look at porn 50x faster!
  • Will
    Don't forget that the offers will be "up to" 100Mbps, with "unlimited" bandwidth. BT certainly don't intend to give everyone 100Mbps here. It goes without saying that if you actually manage to hit top speed AND use it to do much else than check your email once a day, you'll get "traffic managed" back down to the days of 512kbps.
  • The B.
    1 word - Phorm, need I say more?
  • Joff
    Hopefully this will be the start of some hardcore willy waving between BT / Virgin (or maybe Peter Jones and Samuel L Jackson?) for the title of King of Broadband Providers.
  • Jeffrey
    Great, BT can actually have a chance in hell of competing on speed again. Bit of competition should help drive down the cost of decent speed broadband... Oh, try doing some research as well - Fibre optic doesnt suffer from the signal loss that copper lines do so distance has nothing to do it, random bs sarcy comment or not. Hence why Virgin are allowed to advertise their products as '50Mbps' insead of 'Up to 50Mbps'...
  • Bill G.
    Nice one...but didn't Japan have this like 10 years ago?
  • Tim
    Sorry just had to comment on your comment "dwarf Virgin Media’s current 50Mbps cable speed" You do realise that Virgin Media already use Fibre Optic cable, and Virgin are constantly upgrading their speeds for FREE, so by the time BT release cable Virgin customers will almost certainly be on 100MB+ So all BT are doing really is catching up and making cable more broadly available. Which is a good thing but they certainly wont be in a league of their own.
  • say w.
    Virgin media can already do 100meg, they were doing 100meg when it was telewest. If you were lucky you got picked to trial it.
  • Andy D.
    Thanks for setting the record straight - I get an almost-perverse thrill from being educated by people who are more clued-up on stuff than myself. Think I'll stick to stories about crisps from now on....
  • Will
    Makes my 3MB connection with O2 for £17 a month look a bit disapointing :(
  • Tim
    Hey it's worth posting and good to know but the way you span the article was a bit of a miss.
  • Will
    Note that there are 2 Will's posting and we're both different people. Hmmm, now where did I put my thong?
  • abc
    How about rolling out decent speeds for everyone nationally before spending on just a minority!
  • craig
    Virgin broadband is fibre to the green cabinets in the streets then its old coax cable to the house, what bt intends on doing is fibre to the house making speeds of up to 1000mb possible. This may sound odd but its true BUT it wont be the same everywhere as it depends on the local councils giving permission to install more ducting where its needed underground. The good thing about it is that the goverment are pushing for a better broadband accross the country so there is the incentive for the councils to agree as well as securing thousands of jobs as bt shares are at an all time low. Just remember though Virgin is all well and good if you can get it but bt will provide to anywhere.
  • Glen
    I believe the true advantage of this service that it will be wireless. My exchange is listed to get this in the third quarter of ths year and the wireless coverage of this area (quite remote) is set to sky rocket.
  • badmanz
    Glen, you are getting public wireless?
  • Tim
    Finally, we'll move to fibre optic lol.... Internet won't be so shit then lol....
  • Rubisco
    @ Tim The internet will still be as shit, it'll just be faster. Diarrhea, if you will.
  • Fred C.
    At the stated cost of £1.5b for the BT infrastructure is really cheap. £1.5 billon is £1,500,000,000 may sound a lot but it is very small amount indeed in this context. When you have 10,000,000 subscribers means £150 investment per potential subscribers and when each subscribers paying £50 per month. The break even point is just 3 months for BT . So £1.5b is a tiny amount of money relatively speaking. Let have it sooner rather than later.
  • Choked_Net
    It's no use having high speeds if they choke your use with "fair use" policies, so your speed when you need it is ssssslllllllllooooooowwwwwww!
  • Dude
    Don't believe it until you see it ... Virgin have been good but the speeds in the few weeks (where I am anyway) has been awful. Either they are throttling (and I'm not a torrent fiend) or there is some other problem.
  • Carmen C.
    Extreme quality lots of variety

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