London's broadband is useless

silicon roundabout London technology start-ups reckon 'Tech City''s broadband is a load of old shit.

Citizens of 'Tech City' (Old Street and its so-called 'silicon roundabout'), are finding it a struggle to grow their businesses due to poor internet connection services according to that Guardian.

Installation delays and high fees are forcing what was once our future out of the area, and there's also gripes about hold-ups when companies move offices.

It's no wonder companies are fleeing the area in droves.

Labour MP for the area calls it "a national embarrassment" and demands immediate action and has called for a “comprehensive review of broadband, plans for infrastructure and roll out and a competitive framework for delivery”.

The government originally bugled the Old Street 'silly c*** roundabout' as quite the thing in 2010, and banged on about it being the centre of Europe's technology scene. However, typically it's a total nightmare getting basic broadband.

Businesses have also been quick to blame ISPs that have failed to communicate to customers the stress and palaver of installing broadband in a heavily built-up area.

The government does dole out broadband connection vouchers – a grant for up to £3,000, but it doesn't really help with making the installation service any faster.

What a debacle.

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  • Co j.
    It isnt much better South of the city. down Wimbledon way it also takes weeks to get commercial or domestic broadband.

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