Kensington and Chelsea doesn't want superfast broadband because it's ugly

Made-In-ChelseaWhile the world and his dog wants BT to hurry up in giving us superfast broadband, one stupid bit of the world doesn't want it at all, isn't that right Kensington and Chelsea?

BT planned to install 108 fibre cabinets in the borough but have now been forced into ditching their plans Kensington and Chelsea Council refused 96 of BT's planning applications for the cabinets.

"The council said the cabinets weren't in keeping with the historic streetscape. Now they can have the historic broadband to match," a cheeky BT spokesman said.

Apparently, dialogue has been going on between the two parties for some time and, according to BT, the council asked BT to bury the cabinets underground, which BT refused in case of flooding. The council then asked BT to make special small cabinets for them. BT laughed in their stupid, posh faces.

Kensington and Chelsea Council said: "BT was seeking permission for 108 cabinets, many of them in sensitive locations. It would not compromise on the number, or on the design. It would not use sites that already had unused BT equipment and it would not consider putting the equipment underground or any other method."

So, taking its ball away, BT have decided to play elsewhere, saying it had "no option but to send our engineers to other areas that are more welcoming".


  • Matt
    Do they also insist on solid mahogany street lamps and brushed marble paving slabs? The snotty council will soon u-turn in a few years when it's residents start grumbling about their inferior internet connections.
  • FJ
    Won't slow broadband reduce the value of their houses? Oops.
  • SeriousRasta
    Slow broadband has no effect on actual value, it will just 'put-off' potential buyers who are broadband conscious.
  • Joe
    Jesus fuck, the unthinkable has happened: I'm on the same side as BT on an issue. Has hell frozen over? "“The council said the cabinets weren’t in keeping with the historic streetscape. Now they can have the historic broadband to match,” a cheeky BT spokesman said." - classic.
  • DragonChris
    Well played BT. Feel free to pop into my local area and stick as many 'ugly' fibre optic boxes wherever you fancy! Just charge less than £15/month and I'm yours.
  • Mike H.
    Why the fuck do you need superfast broadband, seriously? I have 50meg and that is more than I need. I can stream shit from the internet no probs, good ping, DL shit mega quick. So what's the big 'hoo-har'? Faster wireless, is what they need to improve. Then you can fuck the cables off.
  • Donny
    @ Mike Choice. Or, (and knowing you're a bit simplistic so I`ll expand) because it's superfast broadband, thats why. Unlike others, BT will open this up to all ISPs, and which ultimately will drive competition and lower prices. And besides - 50meg probably isnt enough for you to stream your animal porn, whilst your mum webcasts her and VB1s latest antics in HD, interactive, 'smellovision' ....
  • Donny
    f-ing editor. Or, (and knowing you’re a bit simplistic so I`ll expand) because it’s superfast OPEN INFRASTRUCTURE broadband, thats why.
  • Mike H.
    Spastics like you Donny/vibeone don't need choice, they just want the biggest and best, so they want the fastest BB just so they can update their facebook status every 2 seconds. What are you expanding? Your rectum? to reciev Mike Hock? Congratulations on your 'new one' I ripped for you, dick-end.

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