Ireland leads the way in terminating customer broadband

Bitterwallet - Irish to cut broadband intermaweb wiresIt's been talked about and debated in the UK for months, but today the Irish have manned up and got down to business; Ireland has become the first country in the world to terminate the broadband accounts of customers found to be sharing music online unlawfully.

The scheme is only a pilot and will be reviewed after six months, but has been introduced after Eircom, Ireland's leading broadband provider with nearly half a million customers, settled out of court with The Irish Recorded Music Association last year.

Eircom agreed to begin taking action against their own customers as part of that deal, which will see users receive three warnings before having their service is terminated for a week. If they are found to share music unlawfully for a fourth time, their connection will be cut off for a year.

While thousands of accounts could potentially be targetted, Eircom has agreed to process about 50 IP addresses a week while capacity to manage the new system is assessed. The Director General of The Irish Recorded Music Association believes 80 per cent of customers will stop file-sharing once contacted. Hooray for the music industry dictating how laws are enforced.

[Irish Times]


  • BINU
  • Wonky H.
    I bum foxes.
  • Hershel R.
    Excellent, it's about time we punished people without a trial and without needing to prove that any offence was committed. I hope Eircom end up losing a bit chunk of their customers for this.
  • Mr G.
    Hooray for the music industry dictating laws and how they are enforced. They were the knob-ends who cobbled together most of the Digital Economy Bill back here in Blighty.
  • Nobby
    Why would they stop when contacted? They know only get a week ban after three warnings. I'd continue until then.
  • Fatal E.
    Dare must be more to Hireland, dan dis.
  • Alexis
    "The Irish Recorded Music Association believes 80 per cent of customers will stop file-sharing once contacted." The Irish Public think that 80% of customers will pay off their contract and migrate to another ISP.
  • Brian
    Surely if they're introducing this, it gives their customers a major get-out clause in their contract? Time for people to switch IMO.
  • stella
    illegal downloads are why lost was on early last night! i stayed up to watch it, it was shit, and now i'm tired. thanks pirates.
  • dvdj
  • Johnters
    yeh. pirates made lost shit. go fish foxes.
  • Leprascopic L.
    Who stole me nuggets?! I blame der pirates arrrrgh!
  • Bullet
    They were only downloading U2 and Boomtown Rats songs, no harm done.
  • dada
    where does the 80 percent figure come from, and where is the fair trial for someone suspected of having broken the law? Copyright infringement can be civil or criminal, and for civil one may get fined in proportion to the damage caused. Criminal cases are reserved for those who make money of copyright infringement on some scale. How can disconnecting an entire household for suspected civil copyright infringement be proportionate? And it is suspected, not established as infirngement by a court of law. The copyright owners are free to take internet subscribers to court to enforce their rights. why dont they do it? because they fear to loose? Surely taking a number of targeted legal actions will have the desired deterrent effect. Why is the law not used to its full extent? In the UK the actions of ACS law and Davenport Lyons have shown that the evidence used is far from fool proof and that there is a large margin of error. See Surely in those circumstances the allegations made by the copyright owner should be tested and examined, and the internet subscriber should have the right to defend herself.
  • raptorcigs s.
  • dond
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