Huzzah! 4G is DEFINITELY coming sooner than expected!


It is coming! 4G is finally coming! Following a pow-wow between themselves, Ofcom and the government, the UK’s mobile operators have reached an agreement over how and when 4G technology will be rolled out to an eager nation.

In spite of the planned launch being in autumn of 2013, the roll-out will now take place in spring of next year instead. As a result, O2 and Vodafone have agreed not to go ahead with the jealousy-fuelled legal action that they had planned against EE (T-Mobile and Orange, remember?) after the latter were given a head start in bringing the magical high-speed mobile internet into the skies and streets of our fair land.

The auctions for the airwaves will still take place in January, and there should be no surprises as to who wins in the auctions – especially as said companies will be either be already providing 4G coverage or damn near ready to do so. EE is expected to get things up and running as early as November.

Matthew Howett, an analyst with research firm Ovum, sneered, “After more than five years in the making, finally the schedule to award spectrum for 4G appears to have been agreed.

"In a matter of weeks, the UK has gone from being behind countries such as Angola, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan to one with one of the most ambitious 4G roll-out strategies we have seen.”

Oh god – everything’s going to be alright isn’t it?


  • bgladys
    And you'll pay for it and pay for it and pay for it.
  • leeisgod
    Does this mean I might be getting a 3 g signal as well then o2
  • James B.
    Seems fair, all releasing at the same time, hopefully some deals to be had too
  • Craig
    Except your handset needs to be compatible, so my month old Galaxy S3 won't work PLUS it will COST big time I would think!
  • Sicknote
    Just another form of indirect tax if you ask me.
  • bawbag
    Superfast mobile broadband with useless data plans, I can't wait.
  • great s.
    So we'll have to pay extra for a new phone/higher monthly tariffs, suffer tv interference &/or pay for it to be sorted & still have areas of NO mobile coverage. While the government rakes in 4G licences fees & their friends in business make more money from us poor bastards. What's the point of it anyhow?
  • Pixma
    Exciting news! Looking forward to it. Although maybe expensive.

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