How much? Half of all broadband users unhappy with the cost

Having bundled my broadband package in with my Sky subscription over two years ago, I never consider where my broadband connection actually comes from anymore. It's just there, everywhere in my house, as if fairies have sprinkled shavings of some broadband-conductive dust through the air.

But apparently most people still pay for broadband, and more than half aren't all that pleased about it. A survey by found that 52 per cent of all broadband felt their ISP was too expensive, despite the UK having one of the most competitive internet access markets in Europe, with broadband often being bundled into additional services.

However just over 4 per cent of those surveyed claimed to be on a "free" broadband service, while nearly a third paid between £16 and 21 per month for their internet connection. 18 per cent paid between £11 and 16 per month, while another 18 percent paid between £21 and £26. A fifth of people with more money than God, and a stinking rich God at that paid over £26 a month for broadband. Really? Who the hell are you people? Are you eating it?

"ISPs will face many challenges over the coming year, especially those advertising unlimited use,"'s Mark Jackson said. "Demand upon broadband networks continues to grow and some providers may find themselves forced to either restrict their users or put prices up."


  • Joff
    I pay through the nose for my VM XL package and sometimes, just to flaunt the gorgeous claimed 20Mbps download, I refresh web pages for no reason. Just because I can.
  • john
    @£26 a month for broadband? I know that one, Its called Tiscali's "£19.99 package". The "£19.99" might be a dead giveaway to some, but not Tiscali, Noooooooo. Tiscali's "£19.99 Broadband Package" doesn't cost "£19.99", It costs me £31! Hopefully Tiscali's calculations are equally as shit in working out my Broadband Speed. Hopefully Im getting 391millionMb, doubt it.
  • Dave
    I pay £24.99 for broadband with UKOnline - and I think it's well worth the money. I've tried many ISPs in the past - as well experienced on friends and families homes, and the order I'd rate them out of 10 is: UKOnline - 10 NTL (prior to Virgin) - 8 O2/BeThere - 6 Virgin Media (Cable) - 3 Fast4 - 2 Virgin Media (ADSL) - -50 I've never had to even make a call to UKonline, and they always deliver the promised 16Mb speed. Absolutely no faults. NTL were brilliant until they were bought by Virgin. 02, never seen anyones O2 broadband running near the speed paid for. Virgin Cable - very unreliable, when it works it works great, when it doesn't you're pretty much screwed Fast4 - decent broadband, but awful support and random charges not mentioned on their site Virgin ADSL - was slower than dial-up each and every day between 4pm-1am (what other times do you need your home Internet?) - worked except at times people wanted to use it
  • OFI
    £17 for O2 broadband here, happy at that price, paid a lot more for less in the past. Get bang on the right speeds here too (7.2mbps) £26+ is pretty high these days... probably old BT customers who haven't thought to change their package.
  • Matt B.
    Terrible article. Paying extra for better service is as important in the world of broadband as it is in the world of mobile phones - possibly more so. If you told everyone that you no longer worried about phone call costs because you had unlimited minutes with 3, we'd all laugh at you, and rightly so.
  • Arther
    Who are we? We're home workers (VNC), tv watchers (iplayer etc.), p2p users, gamers and probably porn addicts. There is no such thing as free or unlimited in the world of broadband so you have to pay for the extra bandwidth, there is such a thing as false advertisement however. All (possibly almost all) the major isp's have fair usage policies that will throttle your connection (limit the download and upload speed) and sometimes fine you if you go over the monthly limit of how much you can download/upload which is often out of plain sight. They usually throttle you if they detect p2p traffic as well. I've been with many isp's and they all do it, ukonline was the last I was with and I purposely maxed out the connection before I moved out (and switched isp's) and when I reached the limit, damn was it slow. It was slow before but after that it was painful, worse than dial up in the day (they don't make many sites for 56k users any more it seems) and not much better in the night. So yeah, I was very unhappy with all my former broadband providers thinking that just maybe the next one would be better. I think I've actually found a decent provider (TitanADSL - an entanet reseller and top of the list on ispreview) that doesn't throttle and doesn't have a fair usage policy. You just pay £19.56 for 300GB off peak and 30GB on peak. Other isp's cheaper packages have just 2gb of data transfer which is fine for many users but people are caught out when they start to use iplayer etc. TitanADSL also give a good amount of webspace thrown into the deal with 10 mysql databases to play with and a choice of either 1 or 8 IP's (tech people may be interested in this). They've been good for the last week I've been with them but I'll wait and see before I decide. Most are happy with them though and they seem the best option for p2p users and most of the users I listed above. The only negative thing about them is that the signup process may be a little intimidating to new users because there's not much hand holding going on as there would be with other isp's but apparently they have great customer service so you could probably just give them a call if you get stuck.
  • Jim
    If you really want to be ripped off for BB move to Hull! Kingston Communications / Karoo have a monopoly on land lines and internet access in the city and area. I pay £26 per month for a 1 Meg connection, and like everyone else in Hull I have no choice about ISP.
  • Bob
    I pay £19.99 for unlimited on Tiscali, I get around 4mbps and I've never had to deal with customer services (except to get my voicemail turned on, which took 4 attempts), I use it to VPN into work, download junk and generally surf, I estimate that I use about 15G-20G a month, not a problem for me.
  • Gi
    VM XL 20Mbps - I pay a fair bit but I use the fast connection all the time. Last night I needed an .iso - 2GB in half an hour :)
  • Will
    I'm with Demon Broadband and I think they're excellent - best I've had and I've been with Tiscali, BT, F2S, Sky and Talk Talk. The only problem I do have with them is that they keep saying I've exceeded their 'fair usage policy' of 65GB in 30 days which I really don't think is possible. Anyone know of an addon I can put on my Netgear DG834N router to monitor the amount I download? I'm tempted to move to O2 in March next year as they offer a similar package for about £6 less (Paying £21.99 at the moment I believe)
  • GrumpyDragon
    I used to have to pay close on 100 quid a month for broadband as I'm out in the middle of a large swamp called The Fens and ten km downstream from the exchange. That was from a company called Tariam whose customer service makes Setanta look like paragons of virtue. These days I'm on a different system but still shelling out 40 quid a month (and as I pay in Euros it keeps getting more expensive by the second).
  • Campbell
    UKOnline are the consumer arm of EasyNet, that were bought by BSkyB a few years ago, so the 16MBit £24.99 service from UKOnline should be physically identical to the £10 Sky Broadband Max product.
  • Irfan A.
    I pay £7.50 a month with 02 and am very happy with On average I download about 5 GB a week and never had any issues with my fair usage policy You can also get the 20MB service for £7.50 a month if you know someone who works for O2 Have a nice day
  • James
    I'm with Sky paying £5 per month (which is going up to £10 soon), regularly download over 40gb, connection always around 7MB.
  • Arther
    Will: Don't know of an add-on for you router but "NetLimiter 2 Monitor" may be a software solution for you and it's freeware. I've never used it so can't comment on how well it performs. If you're not downloading that much a month then you may have a security issue with your pc so it's worth looking into. I think Demon were the best I've been with but that was long ago in the 56k connection days when you had to pay for the calls. >_<
  • Martin C.
    O2 seem to be leading the pack for customer satisfaction based on price, speed and customer support.

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