HotUKDeals Of The Day - Wednesday 23rd December

hukd_logob1 Cheap games, a bit of free broadband and a helmet for your Nintendo DS – that’s what’s on offer here at Deals Of The Day right now.

I tells you, if it weren’t for HotUKDeals it would all be fields around here.

imagesScores of online PC games are currently quivering in the cold winter wind. Their prices have been slashed, they’re naked (well, they don’t come in boxes) and they’re ripe for the plucking (downloading)

Mirror’s Edge, Grand Theft Auto IV and Stalker are among the titles in the big sale with prices starting as mind-bogglingly low as £1.24 and there’s a big old list of them all over at HotUKDeals.

563536Next comes a deal from the shadowy house of Rupert Murdoch – free Sky Broadband for six months when you subscribe to Sky Broadband Unlimited on a 12-month contract. The monthly fee after the initial period is just £10.

It says here that you’ll get up to 20Mbs download, up to 1.3Mbs upload, unlimited usage, a wireless router and a free fez. Except the fez. You won't get the fez.

563993Finally, an accessory for anyone who is lucky enough to be getting a Nintendo DS this Christmas, and who wants to protect it from droppage, the wrong type of snow and erm lightning. It’s ideally priced at just £2.99, especially if they’re fond of the colour pink.

It’s a Venom DS Lite Flip & Play Protector Case and as we mentioned, its pink. In fact, it’s very pink. We’d hate to be gender-racist and say it’s just for a girl but if you give this to a boy, you’ll be condemning him to a life of confusion and recurring migraines.

(deals found by HUKD members royals, torybarsteward and mighty mugger)

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