HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday 12th January

12 January 2010

hukd_logob1 So, what do have for you today? Some free broadband, some free money and some much needed warmth and respite from Dame Icy Conditions’ reckless and persistent assaults on our precious nipples.

Gratitude and garlands should be aimed in the direction of HotUKDeals – they’re the ones with ALL the bargain knowledge-beans.

581133Are you dead from the winter yet? If you’re not, you’re probably keener than shit to get yourself warmed up somehow, anyhow. Short of printing out pages and pages of Bitterwallet posts and burning them on a fire, there’s very little that you can do really.

Until now. You can order yourself one of these, a Cozy Blanket, for only £5.00. It “comes with two generous fitting sleeves so you have complete freedom of movement to handle telephones, TV remote controls, cups, books, magazines, snacks, lap tops and much much more.” Like your precious nipples for example.

580816Moving on swiftly, it’s time to look again at mobile broadband. Loads of us are the move these days and need to access our broadband while we’re doing it. For example, tramps, who need to get online to find out where the nearest soup kitchen is or to stock up on affordable Cozy Blankets.

Right now, there’s an offer from O2 that will give you a mobile broadband dongle for pay as you go broadband for just £10. Plus, according to O2, you’ll also believe to access free WiFi via some kind of Cloud as well, although that sounds highly unlikely.

578862Finally today, a way to save money and possibly avoid nasty bank charges in the future. Move your account to the Alliance & Leicester and you could be staring down the barrel of a £100 chunk of cashback from them, as well as some Quidco quids into the bargain.

Terms and conditions apply obviously, but if the new Halifax advert (or indeed their vile new overdraft charging scheme) has sickened you enough to move away from them, this could be just the deal for you. An enormous boon, and we're always on the lookout for enormous boons...

(deals found by HUKD members bargainshunter, SunTzu and Mottmania)

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